Thursday, April 3, 2008

printable pictures

Good evening Y'all,

It's Hillbilly Bronson here and we're busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. Our two critters are fine and dandy, but sure are a lot of work EVery SINgle DAY. We loaded up the wagon and went to the book store this evening. The Webb household is now under new law... A book called Baby Wise recommends a new way of sleepin' and eatin' for the twins and we're willing to try anything once that gets them babies to sleep more... Well, almost anything. Kendra aint gonna let me put the cats in the bed with 'em. I'm just foolin'... I would never do that to them cats. :) I'll be sure to let everyone know how well it works!

When we were at the book store, a couple of the ladies that work there were standing a few feet away as we sat and read. they were staring and saying, "awe, they are so beautiful". After a few minutes one of them asked if we get tired of people staring at us. I answered truthfully and said, "No, we love it when people talk, and look, and compliment!" I AM really proud of Kendra and the twins. I never get tired of the openness of others and their asking about them and staring at us four. It may be somewhat egotistical that the attention is enjoyable from my perspective... or maybe I'm a little co-dependent on other's "words of affirmation" and I bask in the happy, kind words people have for us. Whatever it is, I eat it up when we're out around town.

Anyway, we miss our family's presence VERY much, but everything seems to be running smooth enough for us to maintain our sanity without them. We've had requests for a more close up picture of both babies together so you can print a picture and keep it in your purse or wallet. I'm planning a much more official photo shoot this weekend, but here are a couple that turned out ok. one with a flash and the other was without since i'm trying to keep flashes out of their young eyes as much as possible. Easton has the silly grin several times a day, which makes us smile as well.

And this one shows Layla especially aware with her Michael Jordan tongue.

Today the twins are eight weeks old! People tell me, "it goes by so fast". Well, it sure FEELS like eight weeks to me. I'm sure i'll blink and they'll be 18 years old, but for now we are just enjoying the happy moments one day at a time while surviving sleep deprivation and repressing the memories of poopy diapers as much as possible.

Thanks again for the comments of the lullaby songs and please join in if you haven't already. :) The jury is still out so keep those phone lines ringing! We're enjoying trying them out to see what works and how Easton and Layla respond.

Good night all


Dustin & Michaela said...

Hey Bronson,

Twins look absolutely gorgeous! Let me know if you get any good tips out of that book and I'll pick it up. We're working through the "kinks" of sleeping with Landon right now as well.

Sounds like you guys are doing great. Keep up the good work!

aunt joanie said...

Thanks for the quality pictures. Everyone I know has been asking to see them, so now I have something new. Keep them coming!

12 weeks old is the "moment" when everything starts to make sense and flow more smoothly. Tummies are "old enough" to sleep longer, they begin to anticipate the routines of the day/night. (Hang on 4 more weeks and the fog will begin to lift!)

These pictures show that you are doing it just right, already. Love you!