Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday funday with video

Good evening everyone,

I'll probably blog today's events chronologically so as not to miss anything since it was such a busy, playful day. The morning was restful only because we found out that our dual alarm clocks DO have a snooze button. it's called feeding and put back to bed. Layla and Easton woke up with the chickens and Kendra fed them and put them back in the Pack n' Play. That allowed us to sleep an extra couple of hours. unlike yesterday when our Saturday started at 5:30 AM. :( At least we were able to catch the good cartoons!

Kendra cooked french toast (yummy) and we went to church. The twins slept through the entire service even with all of the very loud music and speaking and clapping. I'm glad they travel well and are getting socialized early... After that we had Honey Bear's BBQ and barely made it home in time for another round of feeding. I enjoyed watching the LAKERS pound the Nuggets in Game one of the playoffs. THEN, I captured the following ultra rare moment on video...

Can you believe it? Everyone in the house was sleeping except me! I told Kendra to go lay down and take a nap, but she swore she didn't want to because it would make her miserable. Well, it was good for the twins and apparently good for Kendra to catch a little afternoon shut-eye. I'm sure my dad was reclined and snoring while pretending to watch Nascar at approximately the same time.

After everyone woke up we finally caught up with Neill and Jenny (our friends from Sacramento/South Africa) on Skype for the first time. We enjoyed catching up with them and they had a chance to be virtually introduced to Layla and Easton. Since we don't have a picture of them, I took this one of my monitor during our Skype chatting. We can't wait to see them in a few months!

OK Nana and Papa Webb. time to get your Skype working so we can see you also! As we were surfing the 651 TV channels I happened to find the 80's band Stray Cats on HDNET Concerts (I love this channel). Click their name to see the most notorious song from the concert. Man, they are awesome! They did all the old stuff, which is excellent, quintessential rockabilly. If you don't know what that is: think swing band( consisting of a double bass, lead guitar and drums) with a rock edge that is so good that it would make King Tut's toes tap inside his gold sarcophagus. Easton was grooving to the music with a little help from me. I he is enjoys music and likes to sing and dance as much as we do! I can't wait until Kendra is feeling up to swing dancing again... I miss that.

I have no idea why I wonder off to these bizarre topics, but the blog is truly a mind-dump of whatever is going on my head at the time, so there you go...

We loaded up Layla and Easton in their stroller and strapped on our rollerblades for a maiden voyage around the block.

We all did great and no one was injured so it turned out to be a successful journey I hope we can repeat again frequently. I'm sure you'll get a laugh out of this video clip:

The rest of the evening was low key hanging out and trying to get Layla and Easton on a good schedule to let us go to sleep early. Well, since it is 10:37 PM and they just went to sleep, it's obvious that didn't work out as we planned. Oh well! That's life with twins... having fun and being flexible.

Have a great week!

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