Tuesday, April 29, 2008

dropping like flys

I'm not sure where the expression, "dropping like flys" came from, but around the Webb house that seems to be appropriate. First Kendra caught the sniffles, then Easton this morning at 1:00 AM, then Layla this evening just before bed time. I'm the last of the Mohicans when it comes to feeling well. Please pray for a good night's sleep around here because the solution to this problem is sleep, but that seems to be hard to come by with everyone snorting and coughing.

Marsha didn't come by today since her and Kendra agreed it wouldn't be good for her to be around if the kids are sick since Marsha's job requires her to be around lots of kids and people. Kendra looks forward to Tuesdays and Marsha's visit so she was disappointed not to have Marsha's help and company.

Anyway, for dinner I cooked a huge porter house steak for me and some BBQ chicken for Kendra. We subjected ourselves to half-heartedly cheer on the home-town Suns as they fulfilled their destiny as slackers by losing the series against the Spurs. At least Shaq has more time to sit by a pool and enjoy the weather here in phoenix now as opposed to getting to the NBA FINALS! slackers... During dinner, Kendra found another use for a boppy. kind of a modified TV tray, i think. Seems like a great idea and now I don't have to put them on eBay for sale once the twins outgrown their usefulness. We can use them as TV trays!

We went out to run errands and I tend to migrate towards the baby section of stores now. As I cruised through the clothing area with the twins I came across an outfit that I just HAD to have. If the twins were born just 5 weeks earlier, we could have cashed in even more on President Bush's free money giveaway AND claimed the twins as tax deductions for the 2007 year. The disclaimer is that I am extremely happy Kendra carried the twins to 37.5 weeks and wouldn't have changed a single thing about their birth dates. Also, i cherish Easton and Layla more than you can imagine. Check out their matching outfits. Take THAT mister tax man! Double deductions for 2008. :)

At least my brother (B.J.) will get a chuckle from this picture since he has an accounting background. :) As you can tell by their cute faces, even though they are not feeling well they still are happy little monkeys and smiled all the way to bed tonight. It's so hard to put Easton in his crib when he's all wrapped up like a burrito in the blanket and grinning from ear to ear at me. Makes me want to keep making rubbery faces and indiscernible noises so that he'll keep on smiling. It's kind of like when you have a favorite toy or game or book and you have to FORCE yourself to put down. He's a good boy alright...

By the way, I'm listening to Anberlin as I blog the night away and I highly recommend them. Great sound... You can listen to a few of their songs here if you a few spare moments: Anberlin

Good night all!

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