Thursday, April 17, 2008

Easton's outfit is a size too big

Hi there happy people,

I thought it would be fun to show Easton in his first Lakers "fan" outfit as we prepare for the playoffs to start this weekend.  It doesn't quite fit yet, but he'll grow into it!

I just had to jump in here with a Lakers picture because I know those Kings fans need to find SOMEONE to root for since the Kings won't be in the playoffs...  :)  I also considered suiting up Easton in a AZ Cardinals outfit, but thought someone might call the child abuse hotline on me for such an act of cruelness.  

Today I discovered that gravity acts on pacifiers with twice the force of any other object on Earth.  Seriously, it's almost like the pacifier is made of metal and the flooring of my house is made of superduper magnets.  I thought for a moment that Layla was spitting it out, but come to find out, gravity was pulling it right out of her mouth onto the floor.  I've become a professional paci washer.  I can kind of tell what stage of parenthood I'm in because now i dry it off with anything laying around and don't worry about it.  my shirt...  a towel...  a blanket... a cat.   anything drier than the paci itself becomes a target.  On the other hand, I still can't manage to stomach the idea of putting the paci in my mouth to clean it, so that kind of tells me where I'm at.  

This same phenomenon occurs with cars.  When closing the garage door with a NEW car in it, most people hit the button and then RUN to the back to make sure it doesn't scratch the bumper.  After a few months or years.  You start using the screeching noise of of the garage door against the bumper to confirm the car is, in fact, pulled forward enough not to set off the retract mechanism.  That would force you to get back in the care and pull forward a little further.

I really digressed, so let's get back on track here for the blog purpose...  OK, at home today, Kendra went to the doctor and had a little minor work done for reasons I won't discuss here.  Needless to say, she has been in pain for the entire night and can't really take anything more than Tylenol.  I feel really bad for her, but she's already experienced this once before and expects that tomorrow will be much better.  

The twins did great today on their normal schedule and they only went out to hit Wendys and the pharmacy to get some meds.  That short trip was enough to put Layla Rae out for the count.  She's sleeping better all the time.    

One last picture for the night.  I just can't believe how tiny our little miracle babies were.  This is Layla Rae on her first day after being born.  It is amazing to look through the pictures in sequence and see such huge changes and growth in such a short time.  Just LOOK at how tiny she was!

Good night everyone.  Catch you tomorrow!

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