Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The conversations that make me laugh

Hello, hello,

It is still considered a victory when Kendra and I lay down to go to sleep and say, "yea! we survived another day!" This whole parenting twins experience is a lot like hanging on to an inner tube while being drug behind a boat. Yes, it is TONS of fun, but, "Hey driver! could you slow down just a LITTLE!?!?" Every day there is something new about how Easton and Layla are growing and I wanted to share a few conversations from the day that may give you a smile.

While at work during a meeting I was presenting to 16 people from around the world on a phone conference. Kendra calls my cell phone and I'm still paranoid about making sure everything is OK, so I put the entire conference call on hold and this is how our conversation went:

Kendra: {with some level of excitement} Hi honey! Easton was on his back and just rolled over on to his side!
Bronson: {after a long, long pause} ...ummm... is that good or bad?
Kendra: That is GREAT! he is getting stronger every day.
Bronson: {breathing a sigh of relief} Whew, well then I'm very happy for Easton! What about Layla?
Kendra: no she doesn't do that yet.
Bronson: uh, ok... I thought they were twins?
Kendra: That doesn't mean they progress on the exact same timeline, silly.
Bronson: oh, ok. I'll be sure to tell the 16 people on hold that my son rolled over, but my daughter can't do that trick yet.
Kendra: ok, good bye!

and that's seriously how our conversations go sometimes. :) I look forward to Kendra's phone calls and hearing about what's going on at home since I can't be there. She's always willing to tell me what the three of them are up to. Anyway, here is a picture of Kendra and the twins when I left for work this early this morning:

and here is a picture of Kendra and the twins when I returned home from work in the evening:

OK, I'm just kidding. This is the same picture shown twice in a row, but I'm sure Kendra feels like that some days. She honestly does look that happy most of the time and she honestly holds the babies like this for hours and hours a day.

As I sit at my computer working or blogging, here is the conversation I hear this occasionally as Kendra feeds the babies:

Kendra: ok, children. it's time to eat!
Easton: {as he is placed in the feeding position} Om, nom, nom, nom, nom... sigh, sigh... om, nom, nom, nom, nom
Layla: {as she is placed in the feeding position} snort, snort, snort, arrrrrggggg, chomp, chomp, arg, arg, arg, aye, aye, aye.
Kendra: Gaaaaah! Ouchy, Layla Rae, that hurts mommy. NO soup for you! Bronson? Can you... {interrupted}
Bronson: Yeeeeeees, I'll get a bottle ready for the overzealous monkey.

and that's called team work.

After a few minutes and a little retrospect, we can always laugh at ourselves and conversations that sound really funny just after they happen around our house.

Time for bed as usual. I send my blessings and best wishes to all who read this post. May your diaper stay dry and your paci not hit the floor where the cats sleep.

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tcatroxy said...

Hello Webbs. You guys look great. What a cute family. The kids are really starting to fill out. Easton looks so much bigger than Layla! Maybe he will be your little football player. Your blogging is great. Didn't know you were such a writter-great job! We haven't seen you guys in a long time, but just wanted to send some love your way! (not that you need any more with two cuddly cute babies to squeeze!)
Congrats on making it 8 weeks with double the work, and double the fun!!