Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some pictures are better left unposted

Good evening once again,

Life continues to drag us along this fun ride like a necktie waving in the wind of a convertible vette. Although I know we are special and blessed to have our boy/girl twins, I'm finding twins to be much more common than I thought. Kind of like when you buy a certain car or someone you know buys a certain car. Then you notice that every other vehicle on the street is the same brand and model. Well it's like that with twins also. We see twins all the time now when we're out and they tend to gravitate towards us. in the mall, at church, at the grocery store, and everywhere else. It's almost as if we are now a member of a really cool club that only families with twins can be a part of. I was able to talk to a boy/girl pair of 7 year old twins the other day and I asked, "What is the best thing about being a twin?" The girl (obviously the dominant, social one) smiled and said, "We have a best friend who is always there to play with!" I expect and hope our twins have the same great experience and outlook on being twins.
In other news...

The bad: Someone stole our identity and charged $500 to Macy's
The good: I saw the charge and suspicion early enough on our online account that the transaction was refused and we were issued new cards. We didn't have to pay for any of it and everything is taken care of!

The bad: I popped my neck out of alignment in the gym yesterday and wasn't even able to hold my head up. I woke up every hour as i attempted to roll over and it felt like shock therapy because the pain was so bad. Every hour I sounded like Homer Simpson, "Doh!... Doh!... Doh!" like clockwork.
The good: my chiropractor is awesome! He worked on me and I'm back to 80% movement with 80% less pain (you're opinion of chiropractors doesn't change how much better I feel right now). I'll expound some other blog on my propensity to seek chiropractic help before pain medication... and here’s my fitness quote of the day: Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness. -- Earl of Derby

The bad: I walked in the door this evening and Easton yakked on me twice, Layla once, and even my cat Kobe chucked his dinner on the tile. (pictures omitted due to the graphic nature)
The good: Not sure what to write here. There’s nothing good about runny, warm spit-up oozing down your leg and all over your short pants. Ditto for cat yak on the tile. Oh wait! I got it! Kobe was on the TILE instead of the carpet or our rug… that was a blessing. Thanks, big dummy…

The bad: Kendra and I don’t have much alone time and when we do, it is sometimes difficult to get out of “survival mode” where we are just trying to get everything done that needs to be done in order to keep Layla and Easton happy and on schedule.
The good: Tomorrow night is date night! Our dear neighbor Marsha is coming over to watch the twins while we go out for a few hours by ourselves. AND, we still have time for a little kiss and tell moment with the camera to show that we’re still loving each other and proud to show it to the blogosphere.

The bad: We miss our families more than ever and being in AZ means we aren’t close to California OR Missouri.
The good: Skype is wonderful and we can’t wait to get Nana and Papa Webb online. It is fun to put Easton up to the camera and allow him to smile and flail his arms around as the voice of Oma and Opa Burgess resonate from the speakers. AND Joanie will be here in three weeks to spend time with us (yea!).

That's enough of the good and bad. It is very therapeutic for me to talk through the difficulties and know that all things work out for the best. For those of you who just looked at the pictures and didn’t read a single word of the post, we both walk away as winners! I get a chance to think and write, and you get the chance to ignore the words and say, "Awwwwwe" about the cute pictures…

Which brings me to my next blog-worthy topic. While talking with my sister, she told me about a conversation Silas had that I must share. As Silas was looking at the birth pictures of Layla and Easton (the one with the twins in their little hats that have “A” and B” on them) Silas said, “I know why they have A and B on the hats! It’s because B stands for baby and A stands for adorable!” Then he explained that he knows that isn’t what it REALLY means (he's very smart). It was very special to know that their cousin thinks of the twins like that.

OK, one more good and bad:
The bad: Cousin Eli lost a tooth
The good: I hear the tooth fairy is paying over a $1 a piece now for a tooth! And he can drink through a straw without having to open his mouth. And he fits in the old hillbilly’s in the Ozarks that lost their teeth over the years. We love you, Eli!

In the famous words of Blaise Pascal: “I made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it short.”

Good night, good morning, and have a wonderful day.

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Joanie said...

Your life sounds like the adult perspective of M. Cuyler's book "That's Good! That's Bad!", (one of my favorite children's picture books of all time). Again, I reference children's literature, because this is what I know! Good vs Bad puts life into simple perspective...and whatever happens to ya, it's great if eventually you can look back and see the good...Puking cat...yuck..sorry!