Friday, April 11, 2008

More talking and sleeping than ever


The twins are becoming more vocal now with their babbles and grunts.  It used to be fairly quiet around here during "awake time", but lately all four of us are talking to each other.  Layla tells Mommy that she is bored and wants to be picked up.  Mommy responds and pretends to know what she is saying.  Easton sticks his tongue out and makes some caveman-like grunts.  Presumably telling Layla to stop kicking him as they play together on the mat.  The only two people that really understand each other are Kendra and I.  Even that could be debated.  :)   However, everyone goes on conversing as if we understand each other.  There seems to be a lot more leg flailing going on also, which is progress according to Kendra.  they sit in the chair and end up scrunched down in the bottom with their lower half hanging off the chair because they have wiggled down.  silly kids...  :)

I have some very specific poses and pictures that we will take and post this weekend, but today I wanted to share a cute picture of Layla and Easton's cousin, Daphne.  This is my sister's one year old and I'll have to work on getting a picture of all three of her kids onto the blog.  I think Easton looks very similar to his cousin, Silas...  Here's Daphne Rose and her official debut on the Webb twins blog: 

Kendra is heading to Target (our new favorite destination) and I'll spend the rest of the day working as usual.  As long as my name isn't showing up on the top 50 richest people in Fortune magazine, that means I need to keep working!  Last night at our life group study, one of the guys shared something his mother frequently said and I thought it was very appropriate for our blessings of twins:

A sorrow shared is half the trouble and a joy shared is more than double. 

Catch you later!

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