Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pacifiers and thumbs

Good morning everyone,

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are rejuvenated for another work week.  I personally can't wait to get back to work tomorrow because the weekend with the twins wears me out!  The past two nights have been less restful than the past week, but we'll get it straightened out.  The "conversations" blog post I did a few days ago seemed to get a few laughs and I hate to over use that format, but I just have to share this short exchange between Kendra and I that we laughed about today.  We went out for sushi as a mini-date because the twins were sleeping well in their car seats when we were out this afternoon.  Kendra had a particularly restless night trying to keep little miss Layla comforted.  Here's how it went:

Kendra:  I just bit my tongue.
Bronson:  Did you know biting your tongue is a sign of being overly tired?
Kendra:  Really?  It does???
Bronson:  No, but the fact that you are gullible enough to believe that is a sign of being overly tired.

She has an incredible amount of common-sense so it was especially funny to catch her that way.  I sure hope Layla gets her common-sense and sense of direction...  

Anyway, today was a notable day for Easton in a couple of ways.  We hang his puppy doll from the bouncy seat thingy where he sits during the day and previously he and Layla would just stare at their toy and kick a little bit.  Today Easton was interacting with it and reaching for and taking swings at the puppy enough to move it.  Not accidently as before where he'd sometimes hit the puppy and sometimes hit himself in the head.  :)  The other accomplishment of the day was caught on camera while in church today. Easton found his thumb and was sucking on it for a long time.  Again, this was not accidental where he would sometimes end up with a few fingers in his mouth and sometimes jab himself in the eyeball.  I never thought I'd be "amazed" by the accomplishment of someone being able to suck their thumb, but here I am...  Taking pictures and feeling like standing up in the middle of church to say, "hey, check out my boy!  He found his thumb!" 

Kendra and I had a really good weekend with each other and the twins.  We did some mundane things, but we had fun doing them and that makes all the difference in the world.  Also, I was able to go for a great mountain bike ride with my new friend Brendon.  That was a much needed hiatus from all of the responsibility of life.  I love mountain biking because you must focus 100% of your brain power on the rock in front of you to avoid injury.  That means whatever else WAS on your mind is no longer there for a few brief moments.  

OK, so onto one of the other picture worthy moments of the weekend.  Layla Rae and what I'll call a paci mustache.  You know how they have the "got milk" commercials?  Well, Layla sucked on her paci so long and feverously  that she ended up with a ring around her mouth where the edges of the paci were against her face.  By the time I found the camera and took a decent picture, it had faded a little, but you get the idea...  I had a hundred ideas for captions to associate with this picture, but nothing seemed to fit because it is just too funny by itself without any explanation at all.  Gives new meaning to "bright eyed and bushy tailed".  

Layla and Easton are 9 weeks old now and growing an average of an ounce a day.  I on the other hand weigh exactly what I did coming out of college 12 years ago...  I never thought I'd be jealous of Easton's weight gain THIS early in his life!  Easton looks and acts like a mature, old man.  He's a real character already and still developing his personality from scratch.  I'll title this next picture:  "I swear those bubbles in front of me are from the soap!"

Bronson's Ramblings ---> For the most part they have been motionless and unaware.  It's interesting how much I love them and enjoy just staring at them doing nothing.  I wonder what it will be like to experience the love in return from them someday?  I hear that is what makes all of the difficulties worthwhile:  when you see and hear and feel the unconditional love of a child for you.  The twins do get excited already, but they have the same reaction to ball of tinfoil as they do to seeing my face....  I'm looking forward to them recognizing my voice and face and becoming visibly happy about my presence.  

Have a great week and check back often!    

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Opa and Oma Burgess said...

They do know who you are! :) Everytime we talk to you on Skype he stares at you and smiles even though you aren't looking at him.
It is true that when they respond to you knowing who you are it melts your heart so fast!
Your wife does love you and looks are you that way to so you are blessed 3 times in your family.
Thanks again for all the great pictures and the blog. Steve and I cannot wait to see it everyday. It is such a joy! We are so glad that Kendra captured both of them looking at their doll and puppy. It was so sweet to see them and hear Kendra's sweet voice and giggle on the video.
We love you all!
Oma and Opa