Saturday, April 19, 2008

8 hours of simultaneous sleep and Megan's birthday

Hello everyone,

Kendra's friend Megan is one of the many friends and family who blessed us with gifts of clothes.  We have the everyday outfits, the church outfits, and then we also have a few "special" outfits.  Megan spent some extra time and hand made one for Layla and Easton.  They finally are growing into these outfits just in time for Megan's birthday coming up!  So here you go, Megan...  A chance for us to say, "thanks" and for you to see your creation at work.  I told Easton to give me his strong-man pose and Layla to give me "cute and cuddly".  OK, it was completely random, but still turned out well, right?

I have to post this other one because although it isn't as showy as the other one of the twins as they relax in their individual, comfy boppy, it is humorous to see Easton so happy and moving around while Layla is a little squished and unexcited.  "Baby Boy" Webb was showing his latest dance move and "Princess Webb" was just wanting her own boppy back.

Last night was a wild and crazy Friday night at the Webb house!  Lights out for the twins at 9:30 PM and Mommy and Daddy managed to cuddle and whisper for about 5 minutes before fading off to sleep.  For E-I-G-H-T hours...  that doesn't mean much to most people, but believe me...  with twins it is a milestone worthy of a trip to Disneyland.  Baby wise is awesome.  We're still working to get Layla to take good naps during the day, but as long as the night time is this peaceful, we'll consider it a success.  

Having twins brings out very unusual openness from random people.  It happens at least once every time we go out in public and sometimes 10 or more occasions.  When people see we have twins they just come up and start talking to Kendra and I.  Asking, "how old are they?" and "is it a boy and a girl?" (even though sometimes we put Layla in a pink hat, pink shirt, pink socks, and a big pink flower and Easton in matching blue).  

I think it's cool though.  Everyone is so nice and tells us they have a twin sister or their aunt was a twin or she wishes she had twins.  Anyway, it's fun and interesting to talk to so many strangers who otherwise would just walk by us without even looking up at our faces.   

Our big excitement for the day was going to Costco and talking on Skype with Oma and Opa Burgess.  Also, seeing my sister's itinerary for her trip to visit us in three weeks.

have a great weekend!

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