Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ahhhh, the dating life...

Good morning peoples,

During the day I went to the chiropractor again (Dr. Grant is awesome) for my daily dose of bone-cracking fun and my neck is feeling better every day. The folks in their office wanted to see the babies so we stopped by on our round of errands later in the day. As always, the twins were well behaved and happy. Last night turned out to be a terrific "date night" for mommy and daddy. Our sweet neighbors Marsha and Mike came over to care for the twins while we went out on our own for the first time in a month or so. Kendra feels very comfortable with Marsha and they are getting to know each other more every week since she comes over to our house every Tuesday and spends the day helping and playing with the babies.

For our alone time we decided to go to El Paso BBQ for dinner and we pigged OUT! Kendra is eating extremely well and has been for a long time. It's good once in a while to put the healthy eating habits away and enjoy a meal.

Our budgeting is still a work-in-progress now that we've cut our income (Kendra not working) and increased our expenses (2 times the $$$ for everything!). But we've been doing a good job of keeping things in line and debt free. It's not like we went to Kai, the best 5 star restaurant in phoenix, but it was nice to just be alone. Alone was very weird... Not between us, but because we are so used to Layla and Easton being around! We did our best not to spend our night talking about the twins, but after dinner we went for a walk through the strip mall where El Paso is located and ended up in the child learning center store playing with Lincoln logs, finger puppets, and reading Dr. Seuss books. :)

We also went to Ross and said we were going to look for clothes for US... We wound up looking for a cute dress for Layla to wear during the baby dedication coming up on May 11th.

Kendra wasn't nervous about Mike and Marsha at all, but it was just a strange feeling for her to be away from Layla and Easton. We were able to hold hands and enjoy the nice evening weather as we did some window shopping and that was the highlight of the night for me. Having her full attention made me feel special. I'm sure she enjoyed me talking about something other than asking her to do things or telling her what needs to be done.

We were only gone for a couple of hours, but that felt like a week-long Hawaiian vacation on the beach. Speaking of vacations... my brother and his wife were in Cancun this past week and I'm very jealous because that's where we had our honeymoon 5 years ago! :) Hope they had fun.

Mike and Marsha did a great job and when we came home, Mike looked like a pro and the babies were happy in their company. It looked like he enjoyed himself and we appreciate them giving up an evening so we could have some alone time.

Getting a full 7 or 8 hours of straight sleep is becoming habitual and I gotta tell you... I could really get used to this!!! Every morning when I get up and take the babies to get their outfits I whisper, "thank you for letting mommy and daddy sleep so long!"

Gross story --->>> This morning was a little different because as Kendra fed Easton, I was still sound asleep. Then I woke up to what sounded like a water balloon hitting the pavement of a driveway. Turned out to be Easton's projectile spit-up, which was a really disturbing way to greet the morning for me. I was more grossed out by it than Kendra, which is another oddity in itself.

This morning Kendra went for a run and I spent a good 20 minutes alone with Layla and Easton watching Bloomberg and explaining to them the fundamentals of inflation, stagflation, and why the Fed should not lower interest rates anymore. Figured I better do it now while I have a captive audience who can’t crawl or run away!

I’m sure we’ll get some more close-ups of Easton and Layla this weekend so don’t think I’ve lost the focus of the blog and pictures so much as to leave out the stars of the show.

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