Monday, April 28, 2008

No pictures?

Hello again friends and family,

What kind of a blog post is this? I'm ashamed to say I have no pictures of wide-eyed Easton with his open mouth and waving hands. No video of Layla making sweet little noises as Kendra sings some scales... There will be no pictures or videos in todays post because Mommy isn't feeling well today and that means Daddy was a little too busy taking care of everyone to take pictures. Besides, Kendra would not appreciate my posting pictures of her when she's not at her best. :) Kendra has a little suffy nose / sore throat thing, but no fever or temperature, thank God. The twins are smiley and happy as always so we are hoping they stay well while Kendra gets through this. She went to bed early along with Layla and Easton and I'm hoping everyone gets a good night's sleep! We're hoping for a brighter day tomorrow !

Sorry for the lack of entertainment, but check back tomorrow and I'll be back on track!

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