Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time to go buy a Tshirt!

Guess who survived for almost 90 minutes alone with the twins??? Me.  that's right.  Kendra went for a swim at the fitness center and I managed to survive all by my lonesome.  Just because they slept for 60 of those 90 minutes doesn't detract from the accomplishment.  well maybe a little.  Anyway, it was a milestone none the less.  I should go buy a T-shirt that says, "I survived an hour with the twins"...

Kendra snapped a rare photo of Layla sleeping.  it doesn't happen often so we need to capture the moments when they do!  We were taking a nap together and it's amazing to see that even though she was completely asleep, she still had the ability to keep her fists tightly clinched...

Here's a short video clip of the two babies kicking around as they play with their dolly and doggie.  hooray for toys, already.

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cdmartin2007 said...

Just figured out how to send a comment.....anyway I have a great song I song every night for 15+ years. Written by John Fisher for his daughter Emily it is "short" and sweet.(insert each childs name)

Good night Layla sleep tight Layla Jesus give you peace, the God above is a God of love so Layla sleep in peace.
It has a simple melody easy to learn I can sing it for you over the phone if you are interested.