Monday, April 7, 2008

Land of the little people

Happy Monday,

Yesterday we went to church and the twins are finally big enough to fit into some of the cool clothes all of you sweet folks gave to us. They actually look like miniature people when they're dressed up instead of little WWF wrestlers in their onesy things. Layla was incredibly cute in her tiny white sun dress with flowers on it. Easton and I matched with our jeans and polo shirts (except I had to wear shoes...) I have no idea how Kendra was able to sneak them out of the house without Layla in pink and Easton in blue! I must be getting soft in my old age to not force the babies to wear their designated color. Or maybe they were just so cute I was dazzled by their little baby smiles. We should have taken more close up pictures, but i'm sure we'll have more opportunities.

My aunt Mary decided to come along with us and it turned out to be a great day. We all went out to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch and then spent the rest of the day helping Mary at her house with taxes and refilling the pool. At one point I said, "Mary, do you think Dave is in heaven laughing at us for having to do taxes considering he despised it so much?" Working on their taxes hasn't been as hard emotionally as I thought it would be considering how much the subject was a topic of conversation between Dave and I.

I think about Dave every day and miss him very much. This picture below is one that I look at often. Although it makes me sad to think this is as close as Easton will ever get to having Dave be a part of his life, at least I have this memory and special moment in time.

There is one more picture I just have to share from the photos I took yesterday of Layla and Easton next to each other on the changing table. As a disclaimer, we didn't move their bodies or arms into this position at ALL. It's obvious they are twins though. Check out how similar their left arm positions are!:

I saw that and thought it was great to finally see SOMETHING that made them look like twins other than matching outfits... They aren't necessarily opposites in areas of their personality and looks, just different in almost every way. Ok, their eyes are both grey, but every baby has grey eyes. :)

Well, i'm tired and ready for bed so I'll go sing myself to sleep with a lullaby from the list you've shared...

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