Thursday, April 24, 2008

The potatoe picture

Since I didn't start the blog until we were just days before the birth of Layla and Easton, there are tons of pictures, movies, and comments that I wish I would have posted along the way. Bare with me as I take a trip down memory lane and share a humorous video clip of "Kendra and the June Bug" and the potato picture.

The set up for the video clip is that a few days after we were married (almost 6 years ago) Kendra's parents helped us move to AZ. One warm summer evening, Kendra's mom thought she saw a June bug in Kendra's hair and Kendra ripped her shirt off and danced around for a few minutes like Elaine from Seinfeld. After she put her shirt back on, no one knew for sure IF there was a bug and what happened to it. Her mom, Oma Burgess proceeded to brush Kendra's hair while she tried to not be creeped out since she hates bugs. Hope you enjoy it while this hilarious video lasts because when Kendra wakes up and sees this I'll be getting a phone call to remove it... :)

The other pre-twins thing I want to share started as a PowerPoint slide that I worked on during a particularly boring meeting at work. When Kendra was 6 months pregnant with the twins, the doctor said they were roughly the size of a potato, so that's what I called them for several weeks until they became big enough to call them "burritos". Anyway, here is the picture I created and sent to Kendra in an email. You can't imagine how hard it was to find a picture with two potatoes where one is on top of the other. I had to find it this way because that was how the twins were lined up in Kendra's belly.

So there you go... A little history and a little humor. For today's activities, I went to Taekwondo class during lunch and am really starting to enjoy it! Another student broke a board I was holding so he could show me how it's done. Part of the board flew back and hit me square in the face! My eyes watered, my nose swelled up, and I had the sniffles for about 9 hours afterwards. The face smashing was unintentional and I know those things are bound to happen, so it was no big deal. Luckily I still have all of my teeth and won't have a picture like Eli where I'm holding my tooth and grinning (see previous post)!

While I was at work, Kendra attempted to wash the Pilot, but didn't get very far because Layla decided it was lunch time just after Kendra started to wash it. She managed to take some great pictures of the twins who were WELL covered from the Arizona sun. They look like little toy dolls because they're so pudgy and cute!

Easton looks like a popeye kind of sailor!

OK, better hit the bed and get ready for a full day of work tomorrow.

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