Monday, April 14, 2008

Kendra and Bronson baby pics

Good morning friends and family,

It's been another successful day at the Webb house.  What I mean by successful is:  The babies slept 6 hours at once (thank goodness), no one was injured, everyone bathed, and everyone ate.  We pretty much high-five each other at the end of the night if we can accomplish those things.  This morning started off well since Kendra cooked waffles for breakfast.  I sent her a "thank you" email this afternoon and included this picture, which she found humorous: 

Then we spent the evening just hanging out at home and preparing for our new friends to come over tomorrow night for dinner.  I'll have to get a picture of them and post tomorrow...  

I received a package in the mail today from my Oma Burgess and it contained two boxes with a pair of underwear in each one.  There are two parts to this story:  While she was staying her over the past few months, she noticed that my underwear had more holes than swiss cheese and decided to surprise me with a gift of undies.  I refuse to wear that Bill Blass junk they sell at Wal-mart!  It's like sandpaper inside and a burlap sack on the outside.  Seriously... what kind of caveman-era material are those drawers made of anyway?  I'd rather drill holes in my knee caps than wear anything less than Calvin Klein knit boxers.  The world could collapse into a global depression and I'll still find a few dollars to buy the "good" stuff.   OK, so now we've found my "high maintenance"  equivalent to Kendra needing bottled water.  Thank you Oma for the undies!  Any picture you see of me grinning like a possum from now on will be fully attributed to the fact that I'm wearing comfortable, new Calvin Kleins.  Anyone else who would like to help replace the rest of my holey wonders, feel free to join in the example Oma has given.  Look for Calvin Klein knit boxers... and uh...  well...  I wear small by the way.  If I hear ONE joke about that... NO more Blog for YOU!     

Yes, i know the last paragraph was about my underwear, but guess what...  I HAVE THE KEYBOARD and this is MY blog until the twins are old enough to write what they want!    muuuuuaahahahahahah!  If you DON'T like it, get your own blog.  If you DO like it, send underwear.

OK, on to the second, more interesting part of the package that came in the mail from Oma Burgess.  There were baby pictures of Kendra!  So now I have both of our pictures.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to do some photoshop magic for a side-by-side comparison.  you'll have to flip back and forth between the pictures we have of Layla and Kendra and then Easton and me.  SO without further delay, here we are in all of our babyness.  This one is me fresh out of the hospital:

Here's Kendra at three months:
See the resemblance?  Have a great Tuesday and we'll do this again soon!  probably tomorrow...  :)


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