Thursday, July 31, 2008


Good afternoon Webb fans,

This is the first edition of outtakes for the 4 Webbs. After 6 months (today) and 1600 pictures there have been a few that show just how hard it is to capture the moment. You think it's tough to get ONE baby to be happy for a photo opportunity??? We've had fun finding ways to get TWO babies to look at the camera and smile during their adventures.

Since I am in AZ while the camera and Kendra and the twins are in CA, I decided to dig back through the archive to find some of the not-so-perfect pictures and hopefully you'll get as many laughs as I did trying to find these jewels:

Easton has an excellent pouty lip here and Layla just looks apathetic. Kendra is probably telling me to keep Easton in the water so he doesn't get cold in the 108 degree temperatures...

I have no idea what was going on during this moment, but Easton has the funniest facial expression that appears to be sheer horror!

I think Layla was blinking and sucking her bottom lip, but her expression is so bizarre. What's worse is that the picture of my sister, Joanie, turned out so well! She looks great, but Layla didn't cooperate at all for this one:

Here's a good example of me trying to capture a sweet father-daughter moment and Layla not caring at all. You can tell by her eyes and the fact she is twiddling her thumbs from boredom.

Kendra and I look great... Layla and Easton were not paying attention at all... i think it was the uncomfortable diaper bathing suits.

I love this next picture. It makes me laugh every time i see it. No, we don't give our babies illegal drugs, but if we did this is what they would look like.

That's not exactly a kodak moment that you would put in a frame, but I think it's hilarious in its own way. This next picture shows Easton and Layla figuring out their fingers and hands... Speaking of fingers, I KNOW she doesn't mean to hold up that particular finger more prominently than the others.

and now for the coup de grĂ¢ce... No matter how happy Kendra and I look, there is just no way this picture had a chance at success with Easton's bottom lip sticking out like that and Layla airing out her lungs with tears.

and that concludes this pictoral representation of outtakes with the twins!

I'm missing Kendra and the babies already and it's only been one day out of a 5 day trip. :( Kendra assured me today she is taking plenty of pictures so I can catch back up with new stuff for blog when i get there on Monday. Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane (I can't believe how tiny Layla was). We weighed the babies in an unofficial way and the results are: Easton = 16 lbs. and Layla = 14 lbs. Those seem to be good numbers but we won't know for sure until we go to the pediatrician in 4 weeks.

I'll be offline until Sunday night so feel free to comment here and keep the conversation going in my absence!

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