Thursday, July 10, 2008

Laughing Layla

Our house has been busier than normal with people hanging out, but we're always glad to have visitors around. Last night Kendra and I went to her mentor's house for our monthly married-couples get together. Oma and Opa and Neill and Jenny stayed home with the twins so it was a nice break to take the drive up to Fountain Hills alone. Everyone did great at home and when we arrived back from our outing, the adults were playing Sequence and Layla and Easton were sleeping, just as things should be.

I believe we're out of the woods finally with the pacifier needs. Layla only cries for a short, few minutes each nap time except for when she's teething. We're expecting teeth to show up any day now, but have no idea how that really works. We've heard that one day you see her smile and BAM, there's teeth that weren't there before.

The video shows Layla laughing as Oma and Opa play. Each time Oma moves towards her she gets so excited and laughs while moving her arms all around. She looks and sounds almost like she's crying but it really is laughter, I promise!

There's a website that shows nothing but babies laughing and i'm tempted to submit this clip there because it makes me smile just watching it even though I'm overly tired right now. I woke up at 5:15 this morning to the hairball hacking, vomit noise from our cat, Kobe. It was my dumb idea to leave the door cracked so he could sleep on the bed with us and feel secure. Boy was that a mistake. I realized two things at that moment. One, by the time I jump out of bed, go over to Kobe, and put him outside, his little episode will already be over. Two, he's already on the tile in the bathroom, so clean up is easy. He does his gross noises and I rolled over to go back to sleep. Just as I'm fading back to lala land 30 seconds later... I hear the convulsing yak noises once again from Kobe, only this time i can tell he's NOT on the tile, but instead sitting right next to our bed. At this point I realized point number one from the previous episode is still true for this one. However, knowing he as on the carpet this time just made me feel helpless and frustrated. He yaked. I sighed. Kendra went back to sleep.

Just like that I was wide awake at 5:15 AM so I did what any good corporate citizen does: Log into work on the computer and get some work done! Then, I generously waited for the babies to wake up this morning and only woke Kendra long enough to feed them, then we played for the next two hours so Kendra could sleep in. I ran out of silly faces about 12 minutes into my two hour shift. It's HARD to entertain two 5-month-old babies for that long! We had fun hanging out together though. I found out that watching Ben Bernanke give his testimony to capitol hill on the Fox Business channel doesn't generate the same reactions as when they watch Baby Einstein. :)

Happy Thursday!

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