Friday, July 4, 2008

sweet potato without the pie

Happy 4th,

Opa Burgess and I took some time away from the house and family this afternoon to go golfing. He shot like a pro as usual and I managed to not lose any clubs or get a sun burn so we both consider it a successful round. My goal was to have good chip, one good putt, and one good drive somewhere in the 18 holes. Also to beat him on ONE hole. Leaving expectations that low means I can fail miserably according to the score card and still claim victory when it's over. :)

Here is a picture of Layla's pouty bottom lip and extra large, chubby cheeks. Opa cheered her up and calmed her down and he's great at that.. She already knows how to use the pouty lip like a weapon to get her way! She was a bit fussy today... Kind of like saying 111 degrees was a bit hot for golf. Kendra stressed out since we are still fighting Layla's pacifier addiction day by day. It's hard for Kendra to hear her baby girl cry. I'm sure she'll be fine, but these few days and weeks are starting to get a little tedious. Opa has the magic touch to get her to go to sleep, but we can't quite figure out how to KEEP her asleep.

Kendra decided to try a new solid food because the avocado didn't go so well. Apparently it was too solid. We put their new bibs on and gave sweet potatoes a try. Their reactions were absolutely hilarious. They were just sitting there with mouths wide open and thinking, "what am i supposed to do now?"

Once they were over the initial weirdness of the new sensation on their tongue, things went fine and they seemed to enjoy the taste. We'll see what's next on mommy's list of foods to try... This picture captures the moment fairly well and they were even cuter in real life if you can believe that.

We spent the evening preparing and eating dinner at home. It was still 98 degrees at 9:30 PM when the fireworks were going off and the twins needed to be asleep in their own bed so instead of fireworks we hung out talking about Opa's business ideas and direction and strategy. I could talk for days about fun stuff like that. :)

We also had a great time on the video phone through skype with my sister and her family. We enjoyed seeing Eli and Silas perform magic tricks and dances. lots of laughs...

I'd call this a great use of a vacation day and look forward to enjoying the rest of the long weekend just as much!

Catch you later...

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