Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm back! almost...

Good evening friends and family,

I survived an excellent campout weekend in Flagstaff and now I can check off "climb a mountain" from my bucket list. I had no internet, no phone, no work, and no electricity during the trip and I enjoyed every minute of being unplugged. I'll have more photos on Tuesday, but the basic accomplishment included starting at 8500 ft. elevation and hiking for 3 hours up to the peak of Mount Humphreys to 12,633 ft. Mount Humphreys is the tallest point in all of Arizona and for some reason the 6 of us guys thought it would be entertaining to hike 6 hours round-trip. It was without a doubt the longest hike i've ever done and I don't plan to ever do that again. Here's a couple of generic pictures of the amazing 360 degree views:

Mountain biking for 6 hours... yes I can do that. Hiking... no. I'm glad we did it and now I can move on to other accomplishments like getting back to California tomorrow to see my wife and babies!

These past few days have been relaxing (all except the 6 hours of hiking) and a welcomed break from work, life, family, etc. However, I've been missing Kendra and Easton and Layla like crazy. I'll be back together with them by lunch tomorrow and plan to spend the rest of the day making silly faces trying to get the babies to laugh and being close to Kendra. Also, i'll check through the pictures Kendra has been taking over the past few days and post them here to the blog so the rest of you can enjoy them too. :)

Next post will be Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Happy Monday!

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