Tuesday, July 15, 2008

teeth and squash

I suppose the title really should be "tooth", not teeth because Layla has her first tooth showing finally. It's a sharp, pointy thing like what you would expect to feel inside a shark's mouth. That one tooth has caused her much pain and crying as well as stress for us so we welcomed the arrival with cheers and smiles. Only 31 more teeth to go + 32 for Easton. :) Kendra gave Easton and Layla squash mixed up with rice cereal, which looked disturbingly gross to me. Apparently it was a big hit though because Layla appeared to like it. Easton didn't figure out exactly what to do with it yet. The twins are doing great so far with no allergies. We're glad to get them eating solid food sooner rather than later.

Yesterday we all went out for dinner and Easton and Layla were cute and cuddly as usual. Easton is starting to grab at forks and spoons and drinks as whoever is holding him tries to eat. I think he's figured out what we are doing and he wants to get in on the whole eating experience. He's also intrigued by lights and trees and decorations. Oma stood him up on the table at the restaurant and he stared intently at the light fixture on the wall. He grunted and moaned as if to say, "wow!" in his own baby words. This is similar to when the caveman discovered fire, i think:

Layla on the other hand is our little professor who studies every little thing. She's starting to notice tags on her stuffed animals and toys. She focuses and plays with the tag more than the toy itself! Kendra said that's a big milestone and I was glad to hear it because I'm still clueless about what indicators show the twins are on the right track for development. After dinner we went to the mall and while we were waiting on GG to buy something, Jenny was making silly faces and noises with Layla, who giggled and laughed more than we've ever heard. She has such a contagious laugh that all of us standing around were laughing right along with her.

Here's a picture from a couple of weeks ago that I saved for a rainy day such as today where we're missing Opa Burgess as he is still in California for the rest of the week. It's no easy task holding both babies at once, but he does a good job of it. You can see how valuable it would be if God gave us a third arm or maybe two more...

Neil and Jenny are heading back to Sacramento tomorrow so we'll make the most of their time with us today and this evening. Last night we all went for a late night swim (8:00 PM) and the temperature was just right. Even more importantly there was no lightning, unlike the previous few evenings as the monsoons rolled through.

I've got work to do... Catch you later!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bronson,
Show us a picture of Layla'a first tooth when it gets big enough to photo! Joanie and John are bringing the 3 grandkids to us to babysitt while they go out for an early birthday celebration for John. His birthday is Thurs. but there's baseball games then and again on Sat. I sure miss holding those little twins, bad!!
Love ya gobs,