Monday, July 7, 2008

Game night

Good evening friends and family,

Tonight we invited over our friends Scott and Marisue for dinner and cards. we played a game call 3 - 13, but I've renamed it "Don't Sit to Left of Opa Burgess". He is always great at card games and I had the misfortune of sitting to the left of him, which turned out to a bad place to sit if you are the least bit competative. We had a ton of fun talking and playing and eating so it was a very good use of a Monday evening.

Layla was totally relaxed and content laying in Marisue's lap for a very long time. She was studying Marisue like an astronomer looking through a telescope at the night sky. You could see Layla processing the new face and voice and words. She's our deep thinker for sure.

Easton on the other hand is so happy that he smiles when we try to feed him and he can't get a good suction on the bottle. He just sits there and makes noises with his sweet grin while the bottle nipple lays against his gums. They are very different and wonderful in their own way.

Only you techy people will get this next part... I found two onesie outfits for babies with big, bold letters where one says, "COPY" and the other says, "PASTE". I wanted to get them so bad, but it was obviously for identical twins or at least boy-boy or girl-girl twins. That is hilarious, but absolutley doesn't apply to my twins. Anyway, I'm still working on getting the "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" onesies. I'm even more motivated now because Oma Burgess bailed me out of Joanie's Dr. Seuss challenge by writing a poem about Easton and Layla in a Dr. Seuss like format. I'm hoping to get that posted by the end of the week and will let Oma complete her own blog so I am not tempted to take any credit.

Here are a couple of closing pictures of us before church and one in church that show off Easton and Layla's cute outfits. They looked so good that everyone walking by us would smile and say, "awe, look at those cute babies!" I couldn't agree more...

Good night!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bronson!
There's nothing like a hat on a baby to add personality. Layla is so cute and Easton does look more like a little boy than a baby in the church outfit. The towel and swimming pics--they have their eyes so wide open-love it! B.J. and dad and I went to Joan and John's for supper after Silas' ballgame last night. B.J. seemed to enjoy it all and is just trying to get his house back in order after the floor was refinished. Still keep he and Debbie in your prayers.
Love ya gobs,