Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ice cream?

Hey there fellow baby lovers,

We said goodbye to Neill and Jenny this morning since they are heading home today. Having them around was our pleasure and we'll miss their wisdom and laughter. I learned so much from both of them and wish we had more time together. We were honored to have them stay with us and look forward to next year as they come through AZ again. On their way out the door Jenny asked to take Easton and Layla with them in their carry-on luggage because they want to continue loving on the twins.

Layla has TWO visible teeth now , but it's an impossible task to get a picture of them poking through her gums because she is too active and quick with her movements. She smiles with her whole face so grand that it looks like the sun is shining right through her. The only trouble is that it lasts about .5 seconds and then she's back her normal grin. That doesn't give me much time to snap a picture. Anyway, i'll keep trying... Her demeanor is shifting away from fussy and back her normal, pleasant self. The other big development for her is crawling. Yes, she is officially crawling. We put her down on her back in the crib and then find her on her stomach in another corner of the crib facing the opposite direction. Time to baby-proof the Casa de 4 Webbs!

Yesterday we had Neill and Jenny's friends over for a visit in the afternoon. They look up to Neill and Jenny in the same way Oma and Opa do, as mentors. I'll have to post the picture her later tonight when I download it onto the computer so you can see how full the house was.

Last night we had dinner at home and then went to Baskin Robin's at the request of GG. While we were there... Oh, just watch the video...

We've been very rigid with the twins' eating schedule and plan because the theory is that if you feed fruits or sweets too early, then they won't want the bland tasting vegetables. That's why we've been trying avocados and sweet potatoes. So now Easton and Layla have BOTH experienced their first dairy and first sugar in the form of Mocha Fudge ice cream. GG can sure get away with a lot. :)

Today I've scheduled a "generational" photo at the portrait studio for the ladies and I'm looking forward to posting those pics when we get them. These are special days where we have FOUR generations of wonderful girls spending time together.

Catch you later!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bronson!
It's a granmas perogative to do a little spoiling--if I were there it would be a big temptation for me to feed them a little ice cream too. Easton's laugh is so sweet to hear. Guess it will sure be quiet around there when the company leaves. Gotta go for now.
Love ya gobs,