Friday, July 11, 2008

Grand Central Station

Happy Friday everyone!
We said goodbye to Opa Burgess as he will spend the next 10 days in SoCal at a PE conference. His sister Robin and their family in Pismo Beach. Here's a picture of Kendra with her from a year ago when we visited them. The twins were still Lint Balls in Kendra's belly at this point, but they ARE in the picture!

I'm sure Opa Burgess will come back with plenty of stories, but no pictures because their camera is still here with us at home... At the same time we said goodbye to him, we welcomed GG Ellie Swingle from the airport to spend a week with us! Neill and Jenny are here only for a few more days and we're all getting along great. We're having tons of fun relaxing, cooking meals, playing with babies, and talking. Easton and Layla are loving the extra attention from so many willing playmates. WE are loving the opportunity for them to have family around for support and social interactions. This morning I left for work and felt ten times better with the house full of people saying, "goodbye! we'll take care of the babies!" as opposed to Kendra juggling everything in the house and caring for the twins by herself. Last night we experienced a huge monsoon storm that rolled through town bringing lightning and torrential rains for a few hours. It's so rare to see rain here that it's a highlight of the week and talked about at work for days afterwards.

During one of our outings last week we walked by a toy store and couldn't resist going inside to dream of the days when we'll be playing with match box cars and princess outfits. When I say "we" I mean Kendra and I... :) Having children is one way we can act like kids ourselves... with our kids... and get away with it. Anyway, Kendra put on the batman mask and I think she looks a lot like the catwoman cartoon character. I'm very glad to have her be so fun and playful that she would put on the mask and play the role like that. I'll get there soon... it's just taking me a little longer to not be so stuffy and boring.

In our spare time one evening I put on my fighting gear, which is just a bunch of pads to protect me from getting hurt, and Oma Burgess put on my padded gloves. Now think about this scenario... She has on boxing gloves and her son-in-law is asking for her to punch him to practice defending. Sounds like a dream situation for SOME mother-in-laws who would love the chance to give punch the knucklehead who stole their daughter away. I know she doesn't think of me like that so I wasn't worried about her putting a little extra jab to the face when i wasn't looking. :) I'm still a rookie at the whole martial arts thing, but Oma did very well and was able to land a few punches that I didn't block. That's not red-eye from the camera... she actually turned into an animal and growled at me a few times. Can you see the fire in her eyes???

We're planning to take the whole family (6 adults and 2 babies) over to aunt Mary's tonight for tacos and swimming. She knows Neil and Jenny and GG from past trips so we are excited to have a big, fun family night together.
Enjoy your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bronson!
We are "road-weary" from our trip to the Reece Reunion this weekend but as soon as we got our travel stuff unloaded, I came to the computer to catch up on the AZ Webbs and their latest cute pics and videos. Your muscles are looking good in the karate pic. Ginny sure had a chance to klobber you but she is a lovin' machine toward everyone-Love of Jesus, that is! haha
We had a great time at Greenleaf lake and visit with grandpa and all the kinfolk. We exchanged pics and memories. Love ya gobs, MOM