Friday, July 18, 2008

Generational portrait

The twins are 162 days old today! Sure doesn't sound like much when age is put in those terms, huh. The portraits turned out really well and Kendra is happy with how she looks as well as everyone else in the picture. We ended up with about 15 digital pics and chose to get the CD along with the printed ones.

Layla had a rough day yesterday regarding nap times so we weren't able to go get the portraits yesterday. Today isn't much better in that department because Layla is so wired and aware that she doesn't want to bother with sleep when there is so much to see and do instead of sleeping... She'll figure it out, I'm sure. Oma found a baby sleep guide, book, program thing that has a money back guarantee! She thought it would be worth a try so we'll get that in the mail and let you know if it is worthwhile or not.

Kendra is feeding smashed veggies to the twins almost every day now and I think they are getting used to it and enjoy it. Also, there doesn't appear to be any lasting, damaging effects from GGs "ice cream" incident earlier this week. :)

Here's the generational picture and I'm happy things worked out for them to get the portraits done like this. Seeing this reminds of two things: my first date with Kendra and why I married her.

Firstly, I'm remind of one of the reasons I married Kendra: A common pieces of advice I received from people through the years regarding "how to find a wife" is that your wife will eventually look like her mother, to some extent. It is easy to see the beauty passed down through the generations here. You can tell why I was excited to be with Kendra for the rest of my life as she matures and gets even more beautiful over time.

Secondly, it reminds me of our first date. I know it's one of those situations where "you had to be there" to appreciate it, but I want to share anyway. On our first official date Kendra and I went out to dinner and then back to her house. She told me to bring my swimming suit because her parents house where she lived had a pool and hot tub. I put on my trunks and headed out to see Kendra in a swimming suit for the first time. I found Kendra, GG, and Oma ALL hanging out in the hot tub! I hopped in and joined the conversation. We all had a fun time talking about old hymns, the history of their family in town, and many other topics. How's that for a first date? I'll certainly never forget it... They all felt comfortable around me and invited me back, so I guess my first impression for them was a good one!

These two pictures turned out well of Layla and Easton individually. Apparently Kendra and Oma had to help a little with keeping them from falling over since they haven't mastered the ability of sitting up yet... Here's our sweet, little peanut smiling and looking beautiful as always.

and here's Easton with his inviting grin and relaxed attitude. We have the yin and yang of personalities on display every day at the 4 webb's house between the two of them.

We're heading out to dinner with GG since she will be leaving us to go home tomorrow. :( We're sad to see her go, but plan to stay with her during our 3 or 4 week visit next month. Time really flies when you're having fun.
Enjoy your weekend!


aunt joanie said...

I put in a request for a 5 X 7 of each of the kids, plus a wallet of each--.just let me know the cost. Or put them on Snapfish for me to order... These smiles are priceless and I need them at my house so I can see them everyday!

I doubt you'll regret money spent on 7 years of paying, I've never regretted a single penny. In 6 months when your kids have changed to look older, you'll simply wish you had more poses...more pictures...more video... It's the only thing that savors this moment.(Sears has good coupons that make a big difference in the price, though.)

Thanks for sharing these!!! Adorable--just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bronson!
I sure did enjoy seeing the generational picture--yes the girls are all beautiful! Are you going to send us a new pic of the twins, also?
Thanks for sharing about your first date. We sat through 5 ball games today so I'm kinda sore in the throat from cheering on the team.

Love ya gobs,