Monday, July 28, 2008

The whapper

Good morning and happy Monday to you,

I've made references to Layla as the "mad whapper" and finally caught a video clip worthy enough to show you why:

She splashes in the pool with a big smile and doesn't care about water drenching her face or everyone around her. She's so funny to watch in the pool or anywhere because whapping her arms is how she expresses excitement along with her extra long groans and babbling.

Here's a picture of Layla displaying the effects of excessive whapping...

combined with the comfy feeling of Opa's arms and rocking, of course. This proves even Layla has a limited source of energy. If I could put her energy in a bottle we would finally have a solution to the oil crisis!

Did you know GG still plays tennis at 81 years old? She seemed to enjoy playing tennis on the Wii and I'll post the pictures of that tomorrow to show how "young at heart" she really is. :)

Have a good week! more pictures coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bronson!
Sure did enjoy the video of Layla whapping and Kendra laughing! Eli and Silas are winding up their swimming lessons for the summer and they both can swim across the pool! I hope to watch them real soon. It was so hot today so I watched Daphne Rose during the lessons. She is so perky and back to her old self. Praise God.
Love ya gobs,