Thursday, July 24, 2008

bye bye Oma and Opa

Good Morning!

Some of you may get this song reference below, but most of you will be scratching your heads. At any rate, here's the song that came to mind when we dropped off Oma and Opa Burgess at the airport and said goodbye...

So they all rolled over and two fell out, 4 webbs in the house and the little one said, "I'm lonely..."
Luckily our loneliness will only last for one day because we're packing up to Pilot tomorrow and driving to CA for an extended stay at GGs. We'll have to chance to visit with several of Kendra's relatives and she'll get to hang out with her friends. We may stay a couple of weeks or we may stay a month. It all depends on how things are going and when we get home sick. Although I have to say that August in Phoenix is horrendous. I'm a little uneasy about driving through the night with our twins for the 13 hour trek. I really hope they sleep a looooong time and are ok with being in a car seat for that many hours. I'll let you know if taking a 6 month old baby (or two in our case) on a 13 hour road trip is a good idea or not...

I can't believe how quickly 6 weeks of Oma and Opa Burgess went by. The typical conversation with my friends is something like this:

Bronson: My in-laws are in town
friend: cool. how long?
Bronson: 6 weeks.
friend: are you serious? that's a LONG time. who are they staying with?
Bronson: us... in our house...
friend: WOW! that must suck.
Bronson: No, actually we're having a great time and really enjoy their company and staying in our house. I wish they could stay longer!
friend: good for you, man. you're lucky to have in-laws you feel that way about.
Bronson: yup. I chose wisely.

I've had that exact conversation no less than 20 times in the past few weeks and the "friend's" response is so predictable I could play it on tape recorder. The odds of getting along with in-laws that well are staggeringly low. BUT, Kendra also enjoys my parents and we are all looking forward to their visit in the fall. Calculating the odds of both of us enjoying our in-laws hurts the math side of my brain to even think about.

Here's one picture I haven't had the chance to post yet of Easton hanging out in his Exersaucer thing. My friend Judson gave us his old super-duper version of the exersaucer and our babies love it. The chair swivels around and moves back and forth on the rails. Anyway, that is Oma's finger and it looks like Easton is getting into trouble while being reprimanded by Oma, but I assure you he was being a good boy and she was just pointing at something...

And here is a simple picture of Layla up close showing her pretty eyes and funny expression as she shows us very clearly that she doesn't like granola flavored baby food.

Have a happy weekend and my next blog will be from CA once we're settled.

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