Wednesday, July 9, 2008

full house

Neill and Jenny arrived safely and we are very glad to have them around. Aunt Mary was kind enough to let Oma and Opa Burgess crash at her house since there is no room in the 4webb's Inn. We went out for an early dinner since Neill and Jenny were hungry. Apparently the airlines have even cut peanuts and crackers out of the budget! 4 of us love sushi and 2 hate it so we overruled the unadventurous grandparents (no names mentioned) and forced them to eat Teriyaki chicken while we enjoyed our sushi.

Layla was kicking back in her car seat and Easton was being a little more needy than normal so that's why only one of the two babies are in the picture. Hey, it's not easy to eat sushi and hold a baby at the same time!

Layla had an extra special day today. She's telling us through copious amounts of drool and a slightly less-than-happy attitude that she's teething. We confirmed that by putting our fingers in her mouth to feel the little bumps in her gums. On the bright side, we went swimming and Layla discovered the joy of splashing. She giggled and laughed louder while splashing in the pool than any time in her short 5 month life. Unfortunately, I didn't get it on film, but we're hoping for a repeat performance tomorrow so we can capture the happiness and share it here on the blog.

We stayed up late talking tonight and hanging out so the post is a little shorter than normal. We had a lot of catching up to do and there are many conversation and teachings left to enjoy. Lucky for us, they are staying a week!

Catch you later...

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