Sunday, July 6, 2008

holiday weekend relaxing

Three day weekends are awesome and I desperately needed the time away from work and with our family. On Friday Opa Burgess and I held the fort down while Kendra went out for an extended alone time with her mom. Anything more than 3 hours is considered extended because she's usually tied to the babies for feeding time. Luckily Easton and Layla are still taking the bottle well so we did fine. Actually we bottle feed them every night for their 7:00 PM feeding and that seems to work out well. I'm glad they were able to get out and have some fun shopping and talking.

Then we went swimming at Aunt Mary's house and had a dinner of roast, potatoes, and Oma Burgess' famous homemade rolls! Easton and Layla took turns in their new floaty toy and it was a big hit other than the floppy seahorse head that kept poking them in the forehead.

Saturday was a lazy day around the house and one of those where I think back (only 2 days later) and say, "what did we do with the whole day???" As the pictures below show, we did a lot of swimming over the holiday weekend and the twins are absolutely LOVE it... for about 15 minutes... They have a short fuse when it comes to swimming, but we're just happy to play with them in the pool as long as they are having fun. Here's a picture of me holding the naked babies and floating around:

Once their time in the pool was over, we shuttle them inside for a wardrobe change into pajamas and Oma took these cute pics of them in their towels:

Yesterday we dressed up the twins in their Sunday best for church and Layla looked like a precious, little sunflower and Easton looked like a grown up boy. I'll have those pics posted tonight and ready for your Tuesday morning coffee, ok?

The twins are still sleeping through the night even now that pacifiers are banned from the Webb house. Layla is sleeping much better during her naps too, but we're struggling to get her to STAY asleep longer than an hour at a time. They should be taking 2 hour naps, but we can't seem to find the magic wand that makes that happen.

We have an extremely busy week on our hands so i'm hoping the business makes way for more great pictures instead of squeezing us for time so much that the camera never makes it out of the diaper bag... Our friends, Neill and Jenny Jakins will be staying with us this week and we are looking forward to spending time with them! Opa Burgess is leaving for Pismo Beach on Friday to attend a 10-day PE conference and sell his nifty pushup tester to other PE program coordinators. He and a partner invented the pushup tester and hold a patent on the idea.

Have a blessed week of work or vacation!

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