Thursday, July 17, 2008

Leave it to the professionals

There are no pictures because I'm leaving it to the professionals at Sears who took official portraits yesterday. I saw the preview pics and Kendra is going to get the pictures today. I about fell out of my chair when she told me how much it costs. I think I'm in the wrong business because I can print an 8 X 11 high quality photo for 42 cents from my home printer. That means there is some SERIOUS mark up on those professional ones. Although I must admit they were able to get Easton and Layla smiling so big that it really captured their personalities and happiness.

This morning I woke up after Kendra finished the morning feeding for the twins. She was really tired so I stayed up and took care of them while Kendra and Oma and GG slept in. The big accomplishment of the day belongs to Layla. As she sat in my lap facing each other, I made the motorboat noises where you blow air through your pursed lips while humming. (I know you just did that at home as you were reading. It's fun, huh?) I tried about 10 times and then Layla did her best to imitate me! I read somewhere this would be a milestone and thought I'd try it out on Layla to see if she was up to the task. She ended up slobbering and spitting on me, but I was really proud to be there for that moment when she tried.

Kendra and I went out last night for a few hours away from home. We went to the gym and had did some exercising and then to Border's books where we sat across from each other at a table and talked while we read magazines. She opted for People and Us... I read Harvard Business Review and Fortune. We are completely different individuals and it's obvious from what we chose to browse through in the cornucopia of reading material at Borders. I wouldn't have it any other way though. She balances me out and I hope she realizes that our differences simply fill in the gaps in each other's life. It's taken several years of marriage to really live out the truth in this idea, but I'm making progress in letting Kendra be Kendra. I have such a long way to go, but luckily we have many decades together to figure it out.

Check back tomorrow morning for the official 6 month pictures of Easton and Layla!

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