Saturday, July 12, 2008

The rocking horse

Happy Monday everyone,

On Saturday Kendra and I sat on the couch alone and she ran her fingers through my hair as we watched Jurassic Park for 100th time. Every time we mindlessly flip through the channels and see that movie on, we get a kick out of seeing it as if it were the first time... only now we know where the scary parts are when the dinosaurs jump out of the weeds. Having Kendra NOT jump out of her skin and squeeze my hand like a pro-wrestler makes it a much more enjoyable movie watching experience.

OK, so in all honesty we also flipped back and forth between that and Predator to see Arnold the Governator do his standard, horrible acting job with intriguing alien scenes. Kendra is a very cool wife and I'm grateful because she puts up with my desire to watch stupid macho movies like that and also stays in the room next to me. No matter what was on TV, it was nice to have an hour alone in the house with the babies asleep (or sort of asleep in Layla's case tonight). For a brief moment it was just like back in the newly married days when we could spend an ENTIRE night just flipping channels and sitting close on the couch together. Not that I wish life were any different than it is today, but it was an odd feeling.

Having GG around is entertaining and fun as always. She says those immortal words that echo through my mind for weeks after every time I see her: "You're so special!" as she gives me a hug and looks me square in the eyes. Kendra and I love having GG spend time with us here. It looks like we'll be staying with her during August when we will be in NorCal for a few weeks. Kendra is really looking forward to going to her home town and spending time with friends and family there.

We're working on another generational picture with GG, Oma, Kendra, and Layla. I'm thinking we're going to get a professional photographer involved for this because my little point and shoot combined with lack of photography skills will not capture this moment in time adequately. Here's a picture of GG giving Layla her evening bottle last night. You can see the love from GG and the intensity of our little Peanut.

We went to Aunt Mary's for dinner on Friday and had a great time for a couple of hours. Mary has my Uncle Dave's old rocking horse from when he was a small boy. I let Easton give it a try, but his legs and arms are still a little too short for it to work right. Nevermind that he needs to figure out balance and a few other motor skills to make the whole work, but it was fun to hold him on there and let him bounce around for a bit.

Easton and Layla were right on time with the dual alarm clocks letting us know it was dinner time and bed time for them so we weren't able to stay at Mary's as long as we'd liked.

Today was completely crazy so everyone in the 4 Webb's house is totally worn out. We went to the church where Neill and Jenny spoke this morning and then out to lunch with the church folks. Then back home for a very short breather and then over to one of the church member's home for a second message from Neill as a Sunday night service. Seeing the two of them in action was amazing and we are even more honored to have them spend so much time with us knowing how extraordinary they are.

Here's a picture of Oma, Jenny, Kendra, and Layla after church this morning:

Because of the busy schedule, the twins only slept for ONE hour out of 10 during the day. Needless to say, they were as worn out as the rest of us and they are sleeping very well tonight. One last milestone to throw in here is that Easton and Layla are holding their own sippy cups and drinking water. It's summer time in Arizona so the faster they start drinking water and keeping hydrated, the better. Here's Easton showing off his new skills:

Good night and have an excellent week!

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