Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Hello Webb family fans!

I want to give a little background regarding what you are about to read in the poem I wrote for the twins. Bronson's sister Joanie challenged Bronson to write a poem along the lines of Dr. Seuss's Thing One and Thing Two book. One night I sat at the computer and this is what I wrote. I didn't want to steal Bronson's thunder and decided to just show he and Kendra when we arrived here in Chandler in June. They both liked it and since Bronson said he had writer's block (I couldn't disagree more) he asked me if he could post it on the blog. I am honored that they wanted to share it. I have always enjoyed writing poems and have been doing so since my Creative Writing class in high school.

I'm sure you will all agree that our twin grandchildren are so sweet and adorable. Please look at the photo below and you will see why this makes the poem sweeter and more true to life!

Steve and I arrived on June 12th and are going home on July 24th. We are so glad that after 6 weeks Kendra and Bronson have not gotten sick of us and wanted us to go home early. Thrilled and excited are only two words that describe how we feel about our visit with the 4 Webbs! We have missed family and friends in California and occasionally missed our own king size bed but are blessed that we got to see Easton and Layla grow and change these past 6 weeks. Kendra and Bronson have been so gracious and loving to not only Steve and I but my wonderful mother (GG to the twins), Christy and Doyle and to our wonderful friends and mentors, Neil and Jenny. We had a blast with all of you. :) Laughter was a huge part of our life here in Arizona and we enjoyed everyone so much.

I have to go back to work on July 28th (bummer) but I am thankful for my job and all the perks it has and no I am NOT talking about money! We miss all of Bronson's family in Missouri and can't wait until we can get together again. I know the 4 Webbs miss you all!

Oma Burgess

A dream came true
We got the call
Grandparents to be after all

We wondered just how many there'd be
Who they’d look like, you or me?

Twins to be born
A girl and a boy
All the excitement
Hearts filled with joy

We’d rock them and sing
They’d smile and coo
What to call them
Thing 1 and Thing 2?

Small at the start
Lint balls they were
Specks on a screen
That was for sure

Shrimp size came next
Bigger they got
Fun, silly nick names but fish they were not

Potatoes, burritos, names changed as they grew
Couldn’t wait to see them
Thing 1 and Thing 2

A Dad so excited
A Mom filled with love
Waiting to hold these
Two gifts from above

Days came and went
Until they arrived
When we first saw them
Our hearts filled with pride

Look at their faces
Fingers and toes
Mommy’s sweet lips
Daddy’s great nose

Sneak into see them
Asleep in the crib
Can’t wait to try on all
Their sweet bibs

Sleep was rare all through
The Webb house
Grandpa was snoring right
On the couch

Thing 1 and Thing 2 sure kept
Us all busy
Cooking and cleaning made
Us all dizzy

To lead them to Jesus
Their Savior and friend
He’ll hold them and keep them
Right to the end

A privilege to guide them
To show them the way
How to lean on and trust
Christ everyday

If you are wondering
If they have names,
I will stop playing this
Fun silly game.

Her name is Layla
Intense but so sweet
His name is Easton
Smiles at all those he meets

This poem is now over
Find something else to do
Instead of reading about
Our Thing 1 and Thing 2!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Bronson!
The poem that Oma Burgess wrote is so precious. Some good memories were maded with the visits from family so far this summer. I did a counseling session today but babysatt the 3 Brown kids all afternoon. Daphne is still not up to par yet but she was a sweetheart. Dad is exhausted tonight from all the extra mowing he did today (after the rain storm this morning). Love ya gobs, MOM

aunt joanie said...

Ok---This poem was adorable, Ginny! Much better than I ever dreamed. You did a super job and it was really fun to read (again and again!) You are great at the Seuss-ish rhyme and cadence! Layla and Easton are adorable in their onesies. I know they have turned your world upside down and oh, we're so glad they are here!!