Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The “womb mates” of 9 months in Kendra's belly are now "roommates" because they are exhibiting the same kind of behavior as normal roomies: Keeping each other awake at night talking, playing with each other’s toys, eating meals together, etc. It would be fun to have them dressed in onesies that say, “wombmates” on it because that’s another way of saying twins, I think. Anyway, I captured this next video clip of Layla and Kendra talking to each other. Easton will get his time in front of the camera as soon as he does something more interesting than wave his arms and smile… For now, Layla is the video queen and Easton is the picture-worthy gerber baby model. There are many other moments I’d like to capture, but as soon as the camera powers on, they stop everything and sit there motionless like a deer in headlights probably thinking, “Oooooohhh, shiny thing! Wow!” Last night I sat Layla in my lap while sitting at my desk and played “Lover, lover” by James Iha through my computer. It’s a slow love song with harmonizing parts and I gotta tell you… Yes, I know it's not a lullaby, but I wasn't trying to get her to sleep, but rather hoping she'd join in singing a duet with daddy. Layla and I sounded REALLY good as a duet. She sang almost the entire time through the three minute song! I think she’s going to be singing before she even talks. Her life might be like one of those chick flick musical Kendra watches where everyone sings to each other instead of conversing with normal conversation. OK, enough writing… Here she is giving an example of her wondrous abilities.

And not to be outdone, I went in to wake up Easton from a nap yesterday and this is how he was sleeping. No joke! He really was snoring away in this model-like pose. I can see him now with little, fake wings floating on a light, fluffy cloud for a sleep commercial…

This morning Kendra and I were running around doing some cleanup of the house because her friend is coming over to hang out. And because we keep the house cleaned up on a regular basis whether company is coming or not. Our bed is even made! Aren’t you proud of us, mom? As we were cleaning, I decided that the babies would like some time in the swing. Problem is that we only have ONE swing because it was given to us by our friends Judson and Heidi. I thought it would be fun to try and stuff them both into the swing and it turned out to be a very cute picture:

However, the smiles quickly turned to sad faces and groans of discomfort. I told them, “How can you be unhappy like this? You spent several MONTHS in mommy’s belly with MUCH less room than you have now!” They didn’t seem to appreciate the amount of open space they had even though I tried to remind them of where they came from… There they are in all of their cuteness: The wombmates.

Happy Wednesday!

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