Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kendra's birthday is Thursday!

Greetings folks,

****Call Kendra and sing happy birthday to her on Thursday. ***

OK, you don't really have to sing, but at least call and say hello! She'll feel special if you do... and tell her to get well soon also. The other 3 Webbs in the household are lost without her being 100%!

If you believe the old saying, “what goes around comes around”, then today it came around for me. I'm not a believer in karma per se, but I am a believer in statistics and odds and probabilities. Simply put, the law of averages always wins, which includes dodging poopy diaper duty. Today Kendra went to a day spa where she paid money for a stranger to put mud and seaweed on her face and then scrape it off. She enjoyed her time there and that is all that matters. While she was gone the probabilities finally caught up with me and I had Layla and Easton BOTH require clean diapers. It was no big deal and it’s amazing what you can do when you have no other option. After I gagged a few times and avoided passing out by not breathing, things went fairly well and I’m glad to say I survived.

You may not care for “Monkers” (the nickname we gave Easton), but feel free to create your own baby boy and call him whatever you like! :) He had a happy day as always and we’re starting to get a few more squeaks and noises out of him as the days go by. Our friends Judson and Heidi were kind enough to give us their bouncy swing and Easton really digs it. He jumps around and pushes all the buttons to do whatever it takes to make the funny noises. The noises sound like what you hear when an old clunker car goes by in cartoons. Easton jumps around with his mouth open as he looks at the plastic thing in front of him as if it were a demonstration of a time travel machine or something amazing. He’d say, “wow” if he could. I’m going to start writing down everything Easton and Layla say so when they get older I can ask them what they meant (just kidding). Here he is showing off his bouncing skills. He’s so small still that he barely fits his arms above the seat enough to touch the toys. I have a strong feeling he’ll grow into it at some point:

The twins are improving their coordination skills more every day and I took this second picture of them holding their heads up. I considered painting Easton’s face with camouflage because he looks like a soldier slithering through the mud into combat… except he can’t really move yet (that’s just a small detail).

I gave Kendra another reprieve from the late night feeding in the same way I did last night. What does she think this is… Her birthday or something? Oh, yeah. I guess it is, huh. I gladly took on the task and everyone is fed, changed, and sleeping once again. Hopefully Kendra will get the rest she needs tonight so that she is able to have a healthy birthday. We’re going to our church group meeting Thursday night and we look forward to it every week. Unfortunately this will be the last week for it until after the summer. Speaking of our church, the media finally came out with an article about the one million bucks stolen from our building fund. Yeah, that’s a real bummer, but everyone has handled the situation extremely well and we’re proud to be a part of the family there.

On a good note, Kendra figured out how to make Easton giggle and it's funny to hear him getting excited! Contact us on Skype and she’ll be more than happy to give you a video presentation of his new trick.

Have a great day and remember to give Kendra a call to wish her a happy birthday!

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Dustin & Michaela said...

Hey Guys,

That's terrible about the church money! People are amazing, aren't they?

One question for is it that you managed to make through 15 weeks with newborn twins without changing a smelly diaper? I am thoroughly impressed by that...I think Michaela and I each average 3-4 of those per day! Job well done my friend!