Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Drool is Cool

We're not sure IF Layla is teething, but we put the puzzle pieces together and it appears that is the case. Neither of us has any idea how to know for SURE when a baby is teething or if it even matters. Layla soaked her way through a few outfits yesterday from drool, required a little more mommy-holding time than normal, and didn't sleep much at all during the naps. I think those add up to teeth popping in soon, but I'm not entirely sure. Those symptoms could mean her diaper is too tight for all I know... From this picture you can clearly see that her drooling is in full effect:

My sister is coming to visit tomorrow and our house is a whirlwind of activities and to do lists. OK, I guess I really mean KENDRA, not "our house". She is doing last minute cleaning, cooking for tonight's church group meeting, and normal baby scheduled activities. The other two members of our house, Layla and Easton, will spend the day making noises, sleeping, and flailing their arms. Ah, the good old days of no responsibility.

Kendra and I are very excited for my sister to be in town and plan to spend lots of time hanging out playing with the twins, experiencing some tourist highlights of AZ, and catching up about her life and family. One other bonus we are hoping for is to hear her ideas on all things baby and house related. She's raising three kids of her own as a stay-at-home mom and home schooling as well. She's doing a great job of it so we're hoping to hear some of her wisdom and ideas about how the Webb house can improve. :) Yes, there is always room for improvement and I'm great at accepting criticism.

I'm expecting to test for my Taekwondo belt today so hopefully I'll have a picture to post of my accomplishment. Don't worry, I'll have the twins in the picture too instead of plain-old-me because every picture is better with two cute babies like Layla and Easton.

By the way, I've discovered a trend when it comes to baby questions that is really humorous. Almsot every time I ask a question to anyone, the answer is, "It's different for every baby". Maybe it is some right-of-passage where people KNOW the answer to my question, but they CHOOSE not tell me so that I'll have to experience all of this blindly! For Example, I ask these types of questions: When does a baby get teeth? What causes a rash on a babies face? How many times should a baby eat per day? How much should a baby eat per day at age 12 weeks? ad nauseam

I can actually "mouth" the response from whomever I ask the question of when they inevitably say, "It's different for every baby". I had a nightmare where I wondered through a crowded street of people and they are all talking to each other, but only using the phrase, "It's different for every baby" over and over and over. Kind of like in the movie, "Being John Malkovich" where everyone kept saying his last name repeatedly instead of actual sentences. Click this link to see the short video clip I'm referencing. I may actually write a book some day about my lovely twins and the name will be, "It's different for every baby". Wouldn't that be ironic? Thank goodness for the real book, "What to expect the first year". This one at least gives some good guidelines and information...

Have a great Thursday and my next post will be as a Yellow belt in Taekwondo... HiiiiiiYAAAAH.

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