Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All about baby Layla

Good morning folks,

I suppose a recap is in order to give a full perspective of Little Layla Rae and here is the first picture ever taken of her only minutes after she was brought into the world. Notice the left hand is clinched in a fist, which is prevalent in almost every single picture of her so far in her short life.

She loves to be held by mommy and requires a bit more attention than her brother, especially in the evenings at bedtime. Her demeanor changes so quickly that it is hard to capture on the camera. She'll be sitting quietly with a calm expression and then give the biggest open-mouth, eyes-closed smile ever. But it usually only lasts long enough for me to jump out of my chair and dash towards the camera before it disappears and she goes back to being nonchalant and mellow. We were able to capture Layla doing her impression of Emeril Lagasse where she waved her hands and said, "BAM" in her own baby language.

Layla has now joined the ranks of 75% of all babies who partake in the primordially pleasurable pasttime of thumb sucking... She found her thumb JUST this morning so we'll see if she decides to try that instead of a pacifier from now on. Whoa! Just think... we could have a pacifier-free house and avoid habitually picking it up off the floor every 60 seconds after it falls out of her mouth!

One of the highlights of her day is playing with her dolly, which has a frilly dress full of that crackly, noisy stuff. It sounds like it’s packed with butterscotch candy wrappers… Layla also enjoys going for strolls around the neighborhood. We know she likes this because she spends the whole time wide awake and talking, talking, talking.

And here's the most recent picture of Layla with her plump little belly and legs. It's easy to see how tense and intense she is. Looks like we have our type-A personality match already!

There are many funny stories and unique traits about Layla that I'm leaving out, but there are enough to get the idea of what our little Peanut is like!

Have a happy Wednesday.

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aunt joanie said...

This picture of Layla is just striking and beautiful, too. She has all the right features and has grown so much already! I can hardly wait to touch her soft sweet skin and give her sugars.

Don't you wonder what they are thinking sometimes?...

"Hey, flashing thingy, with curly hair like my daddy's, I'm taking back my smile, and you've got 10 seconds to get your no good kiester off my property..."