Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's day

Hi Mom! Happy mother's day to all the moms. I sympathize and celebrate with all of you moms more this year than ever before. Guess who else is a mom? Me! With two babies in our house, Kendra and I both "moms" to some extent. Don't believe me? Then that means you don't have twins or multiples because otherwise you'd be saying, "That is very true!"

The blogs will be a day behind for a while because there are SO many things happening and pictures and video to post that I can't possibly fit the past few days into one blog. Plus we are trying to convince my sister to blog. It's a perverse peer pressure really (kendra said to Joanie) ---> "Come on Joanie, Nana Webb did it! Oma Burgess did! everyone is doing it! Just try it, you'll like it..." It sounds like Joanie is willing to give in and write a little bit here on Monday night.

The one thing from today I'll share is a Mother's Day wish from Layla and Easton... ok, it mostly Layla who's doing the talking, but Easton agrees. :)

Yesterday I captured a picture of Easton doing what he does best: sleeping and looking cute. His pose and peacefulness was too much to pass up. I just stood there next to his crib and stared at him for the longest time. Watching him breath and his little body move up and down in timing. I focused on his forehead a few minutes and noticed how it is totally smooth and relaxed because he doesn't have a care in the world or anything on his mind. Extreme peace and calm.... that's what Easton is displaying so perfectly during his sleep and awake time both.

We all went for some shopping and our journey ended with a tour of the local mall. Kendra sniffed out the closest cookie shop with her nose like Toucan Sam from the Fruit Loops cereal. I requested a chocolate chip cookie covered (and I mean covered) with chocolate frosting and the cookie makers were more than happy to comply with my request! Joanie and Kendra had plain old cookies, but not everyone can be such a pain-in-the-rear customer like me. Here's Joanie and I enjoying our cookie break.
and here's one of Kendra and I with pirate hats on as we sat and played with the twins while Joanie shopped. Cool hats, huh? I put my fist up to look mean and pirate-like, but Kendra is WAY too happy and bubbly to be a pirate. :)

We had a great dinner outside at Abuelo's mexican restaurant and then spent the rest of the evening talking and hanging out at home. Layla is making noises and giggling almost double every day. She's figuring out new noises and longer lasting tones that go up and down and last for 10 seconds or more! It's almost like she's singing... Joanie and Layla have such a fun time together and when the two of them start chatting in the car, there's no stopping them. I caught this cute picture of Joanie holding up little lovely Layla who has a different expression on her face every single time the flash goes off:

That was our Saturday and I don't have time to even start with all of the excitement from today. However, the twins were dedicated in church this morning and they well behaved little angels. Also, both babies sat in a bumbo chair and are getting stronger every day. Pictures and videos

will be here on Monday night late, so stay tuned and have a great Monday!

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