Thursday, May 22, 2008

new schedule

Greetings folks,

It's a new day in the Webb household and we're updating the schedule around here to fall more in line with what our friend Lori has experienced according to her experience with Baby Wise. Jim and Lori are friends from years ago who we reconnected with now that they are settled in with their two daughters and living in AZ again. We were happy to see them again and hope to have more contact with them in the future as time permits for all of us. Their girls were entertaining and especially interesting for me because I saw a general idea of what girls are like at their ages and what I have to look forward to from Layla. Here's a picture of them in front of their house as we were leaving last night, which turned out really cute of kaylee's blonde hair moving in the wind and her big smile:

There are some other milestones for the twins this week that are less than spectacular, but you gotta celebrate the small things right? The newborn clothes are officially outgrown and ready to be given away! Easton and Layla are 15 weeks old today, but just now fit into the 3 month old clothes. Some of these clothing companies should be ashamed of themselves for making "newborn" clothes that fit my 15 week old daughter. Seriously, who's giving birth to babies THAT huge? I can't imagine a true newborn monster actually filling out some of those clothes... Even Kendra who was 11 lbs. when she was born. :) Luckily we've had gracious and giving friends and family who helped stock our closet and drawers with 3-6 month clothes so we don't have to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe every three months. I was just thinking... I have some shirts that I still wear on a regular basis that are 10+ years old! (my brother, BJ, will be proud of me for that kind of cost savings and efficiency of usage). I can't imagine a new wardrobe every three months. Ah, the lifestyles of the rich and famous... and all babies.

Another transition is that Easton and Layla are BOTH wearing size 2 diapers. for those of you not familiar with the process... every time they go UP in size, you get less diapers for the same money. The results of making them wear smaller diapers than they need end up in leaky incidents and looking like a stuffed sausage.

The other milestone is that the twins can both hold their heads up during tummy time on the play mat. See exhibit A below:

That abilty leads to the chain reaction where they roll over, crawl, fetch, and bark. Oh, wait. that's how dogs progress... babies roll over, sit upright, crawl, stand, walk, and then go to college. I may have skipped a few milestones in there, but you get the idea.

This afternoon it is 64 degrees and rainy. I'm not even sure I typed that correctly because it's so foreign to think like that. Everyone at work flocks to the windows and doors and makes noises as if we were watching a fireworks show: "oooooHHHH, Ahhhhhh, wow!" I admit to prarie dogging, but only to enjoy the entertainment of watching people wonder over to the windows and be dazzled by wind and rain. For those of you who don't know, prairie dogging is the practice of corporate hacks popping their heads above the cubicle walls in response to a noise or other distraction. Yea! now you learned something. Maybe i'll have to start a "word of the day" paragraph...

Anyway, back to the topic of twins. I raced home from work because it was still raining and I was hoping to get the twins out to feel their first raindrops ever. I ran in the house and asked Kendra if she had taken the babies out to feel the rain on their face. She said that was a stupid idea because it is chilly... and windy... and rainy... and they are fragile babies. So I disregarded her chiding comment and grabbed Easton first (because he was the one crying on the play mat and most in need of attention). We went outside and she captured the moment in a picture.

There it is... Easton's first rain drops. 2 seconds later Kendra said, "get him in the house and you're not taking Layla out in that!" Layla's first rain will have to wait until August because that's the next time it will probably rain here in Phoenix. By the way, that shirt I'm wearing is 5 years old or more and so is my underwear come to think of it... but we already covered that issue in an earlier post. :)

I did get a self portrait of daddy kissing little peanut on the head. she is not as enthusiastic about it I'd hoped, but still cuter than ever! Today is the big transition of schedules in the Webb house so the twins are both a little more mellow and cranky than usual.

Enough for today! Come back again soon, OK?

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