Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bumbo babies

Good morning friends and family,

These past few days were packed with new things for the babies and fun times for the Webb house. Joanie left her family to come and visit us for 5 days and we are grateful for their sacrifice. BUT, we’ll DOUBLE whatever amount of money her family offered Joanie to return home if she’ll come back to us! Her and I haven’t had the chance to spend one on one time talking and hanging out together in 12 years or more. We’ve seen each other for a few brief hours at a time during family gatherings and trips, but it meant a lot to have just the two of us enjoy brother-sister talks and catch up on life. She has three kiddos of her own that are GREAT kids partly due to her nurturing and teaching. Having her around was a blessing because we were firing questions at her non-stop about everything we wanted advice or opinions on over the past few weeks and she had answers for all of them!

The dedication on Sunday went very well. There were 8 babies on stage and we were happy to be a part of it. Layla and Easton were cute and cuddly as always throughout their entire stage appearance. Having Joanie there made it special because she was the only family able to make it for the occasion. She took some great pictures and here’s one during the first part of the dedication:

Here is a closer up picture we took with Pastor Goldsberry after the service was over. I wasn’t able to talk him into wearing a half pink / half blue shirt so he went with all pink so as not to look like a court jester.

Joanie brought a Bumbo for us and we were glad to get it! Her baby Daphne has outgrown it (and lots of clothes too) so she gave us big bunch of things including the Bumbo. Layla is extremely strong and able to hold herself up already. She holds her head up during “tummy time” on the mat. When she is held up while on our lap, she stands upright on both feet for a few seconds at a time and only requires us to hold our hands around her midsection just for balance. Easton is not quite interested yet in being mobile and sitting/standing upright, but he’ll get there soon! I’m working on getting a blue Bumbo for Easton, but for now they are gladly sharing the pink one.

Easton was giving us some outright giggles last night and hearing him be so happy really hit me emotionally. Layla has been laughing and singing and making noises for a few weeks, but to hear both of them interacting with Kendra and I is a whole new level of excitement for me. For the first few months, the twins required so much from us and weren’t able to really DO anything or GIVE in any way back to us. They smiled and were happy, but it wasn’t very fulfilling because their smiles or facial expressions could just as easily be gas (or worse) and not a real connection with Kendra or I. BUT now that they are recognizing us and our voice it is 100 times more fulfilling. Layla and Easton transformed from needy, motionless “things” into small people who have their own individual personalities and gifts and interests. Layla is already practically singing and frequently has these 10 second continuous melodies where her tones go up and down. Easton smiles most of the time and stares at me just WAITING for me to look directly at him. When I do, his smile changes into the same open-mouth grin you see on a person who just won the powerball lottery. You know how a dog can go fetch the same stick thrown in the same place 1000 times and never get tired of it? Well, that’s how I feel about hearing Layla and seeing Easton when they do these things. It’s harder to explain than I thought, but that’s the best I can do!

Oh yeah, by the way… I ONLY had Kendra’s shoes on because she was grossed out and freaked out because our cat bit the lizard tail off and it was still squirming around on the floor! She wanted the lizard and its tail OUT of our house pronto and guess who’s shoes were close by? Mine were put away neatly in the closet and hers were left out. SO, that’s why I had her shoes on. If only I had kept the camera hidden from Joanie… :)

Have a great day and I’ll add more tonight after my Lakers beat down the Jazz!

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