Saturday, May 24, 2008

memorial day weekend plans

Good morning and hooray for the long weekend!

WARNING: Skip the following sections between here and the picture if you’re only interested in Easton and Layla. I babble for the next few paragraphs about unrelated topics.

The past three months are the most barren of the year for holiday vacation days. I’m not in government or banking so I don’t get off every other Friday for obscure, insignificant dated like national pickle week or Mozart’s dogs birthday. However, I’m also not a small business owner who gets NO paid holidays so I’m thankful for what I DO get. For this weekend we intend to do what we always do, just with one extra day of it. Keep the twins on schedule (Kendra changed the cycle to 3.5 hour intervals), go shopping and run errands, and go to church on Sunday. I may go for a mountain bike ride Monday morning if I can talk anyone into it.

Today was the third day in a row of clouds and rain (yea!), which is unheard of here in AZ. Although I’m starting to feel like a solar powered calculator crammed in the back of a dark drawer for a few weeks: still working and calculating slowly, but the numbers are a bit faded. I’m ready for tomorrow so I can go lay out in the backyard and recharge since the clouds will be gone by then.

Our water cooler dispenser broke a few weeks ago and we’re still searching for a good one. It’s starting to be almost as much of a quest as the double jogger stroller search. We’ve been to no less than 8 stores and can’t seem to find the features we want for a reasonable price. Today is the day though! We’re going to buy one today no matter what because Kendra needs her ultra-purified water and if mommy is happy, then 4webbs are happy.

And then there’s the baby jogger search… Good grief Charlie Brown. The biggest problem is most of them don’t accommodate newborns. The ones that do accommodate newborns have seats that are harder than horse saddles. The sun shades are woefully insufficient for early morning and late evening jogs here in the AZ sun because they don’t pull down over the babies faces far enough. Then you have the options of hand brake, foot lock brake, cup holders, swivel wheels, reclining seat backs, etc. It’s really much more complicated than it might appear because there are more options and upgrades on these things than a Scion Automobile. BUT the good news is Kendra has figured out the “requirements” and we’re ready to shop for the holy grail of joggers. I guess we’re doing our part to improve the economy by spending the government tax refund check (big whoop). Apparently I need to get my own personal blog so I can rant and ponder deep thoughts unrelated to Easton and Layla instead of wasting pages of their blog here.

*** Begin blog of things relevant to the twins:

OK, so now on to the stars of the blog: Easton and Layla. We took them over to Aunt Mary’s last night where she cooked a great pot roast dinner and took the opportunity to hold the twins. They were both well behaved and cuddly as ever. They were dressed in warm pajamas and kept out of the blistery cold 55 degree weather. Yes, that was a little sarcastic, but 55 does feel really cold to babies from what Kendra says.

Easton figured out how to make a few noises with his mouth (mostly when he does one of his extended sighs) and we’re glad to see him jumping into the noise-making era that Layla has lived in for the last few weeks. Both of the twins have their hands and fingers in their mouth continually and try to put everything else in there as well. Burp clothes, large plastic toys, stuffed animals, and anything else they can grab goes straight to their mouth. I hear that continues for the next four… years… We’ll probably spend a lot of effort saying, “don’t put that in your mouth!” Last night Layla fell asleep as I rocked in the chair. She loves to be held close with my arms wrapped all around her and her face up against my shoulder. Somehow she grabbed onto my necklace and even in her zombie-like sleep she STILL had a fist-of-power grip.

This other picture is one I’ve been looking at for a few days and trying desperately to come up with a cute caption. I just can’t seem to think of anything clever, but it looks like she’s staring straight into the camera with pursed lips, threatening someone aggressively and saying Mr. T’s famous line, “I pity the fool!” If you think of a good caption, feel free to add your own through a comment here.

And in closing, I’ll point you to the wikiquote of the day, which is both relevant and inspiring: Every failure is a step to success. Every detection of what is false directs us towards what is true: every trial exhausts some tempting form of error. -- William Whewell

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