Thursday, May 15, 2008

lots of laughs

Over the past few days Easton and Layla both had a high temperature, but not at the same time. Everyone still sleeps well at night so at least we have that going for us! I think the twins are both better now and hopefully they will have good naps today...

This picture is what Kendra sees during the day when the twins are awake and begging her to read and show them the "Brown Bear" book. We are SO glad our babies are easy going and generally happy. She's momorized the whole book, which I think is very cool. I can't remember anything past the Blue Horse. :)

This morning I woke up at 7:00 and was planning to go into work early. Then Kendra told me Easton and Layla were taking a nap and weren't going to wake up until 8:00. I wanted to see them so bad that I went ahead and did some work and was waiting outside of their bedroom door for Kendra to give me the "green light" to wake them up! After Kendra went for her morning run, 8:00 finally rolled around and I found Easton snoring and drooling as he was in a deep sleep. Layla was starting to wake up a little so I stood over her crib as she slowly pulled herself out of sleepy time. She blinked and squinted a few times and then realized it was me staring at her with my goofy grin and raised eyebrows. Her expression waivered back and forth between wide-eyed, pursed-lipped cooing and squinty-eyed full open mouth laughing. That really made my day! I'm sure it will be even more meaningful when she can say, "good morning, Dad!" instead of me pretending that is what she's saying... It was a great way to be sent out the door for work instead of having to go all day without seeing them.

Here's a short clip of Layla doing really well with "tummy time" holding her head up! She'll be walking in no time, i'm sure.

We're still on the quest to find THE perfect double jogging stroller. At least now we have our requirements straight and agree on what attributes it needs to have. We should have started with that in mind, but oh well... live and learn. Thanks to Dustin for the websites to do some searching because we were able to figure out what more about what we need from looking at those for sale!

Have a great day!

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