Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally, the jogger search is over

Well, well, well... look who decided to get back on the blogging wagon finally.

The weekend flew by so fast that I didn't even fell like I had an extra day off work. Church was great as always and because of the new schedule for the twins we were able to avoid a mid-service feeding, which we've become accustomed to ever since they were born. Layla fell asleep on my lap and her arms were both out to the side and rose up by her head. If it wasn't so taboo to take pictures during church I would have loved to get one of her like that. The rest of Sunday and Monday were spent hanging out with the twins at home and relaxing. It was nice for Kendra to get a sort-of break by only having to care for one baby at a time while I was another set of hands around to hold them all of the time they are awake.

Anyway, there has been so much going on for us that I hardly know where to start… Since my memory is so horrible I’ll go backwards, chronologically, from now until the last post of the blog. Just to get this out of the way first and because the game just ended, I’ll shout a big “Yeehaw!” for the Lakers win over the Spurs tonight giving them a 3-1 game lead in the best of 7 series. I expect to see them in the finals starting next week.

OK, now on the more important aspect of our life: Layla and Easton. Last night we went for a jog with the twins riding in our new jogger! That’s right, the search is over and we’ve made our choice.

While searching craigslist yesterday morning (as I do every day) I noticed an almost brand new jogger for sale up in north Scottsdale and gave the guy a call. We agreed to drive up there and after the babies were fed, rested, and changed we drove up and bought it! We don’t do anything halfway here at the Webb house, but we DO take every opportunity to avoid paying retail. I inherited that trait from Papa Webb. Thanks dad! We’re the proud owners of a Chariot CX2 jogger with every accessory except the Cross Country skiing conversion kit, which is useless in AZ. Can you believe they actually HAVE a cross country skiing conversion kit for a jogger?

He paid more than $1300.00 for everything (cough, choke, gasp). That’s not a typo or an extra zero… Anyhow, we discovered that most joggers handle kids from 1-2 years and that doesn’t do us any good for the next 9 months or after they turn 2. We’d have to buy something else for now, one for when they are 1-2 years old, and then another after only 1 year of use. This particular jogger came with TWO infant slings and the twins absolutely love riding in it. The slings are like little hammocks and work very well. Layla made happy baby noises and Easton had his open-mouth smile the whole time (hopefully he didn’t eat any bugs). Just LOOK at how cute and comfy the twins are in that picture!

If you have any questions about baby joggers, I’m your guy! The hours I put in finding the perfect jogger are well worth it and I’d love to pass it on to anyone else at this stage of life who is looking to get one. Why do I obsessively research every purchase that costs more than a can of soup??? I’m sure there is a disorder that applies. Maybe I should go research to see if a researching disorder exists. :)

The 4 webbs went over to our friends’ house yesterday afternoon to grill steak, shrimp, and salmon while trying to keep the kids happy (2 for them and 2 for us). It was very difficult to imagine how families with more kids than parents avoid total chaos. We are HUGE fans of the 1 to 1 ratio of parents to kids. As you can see here, each child has a parent assigned to keep them in line and happy.

We had lots of laughs and good conversation so it was an excellent way to spend part of the vacation day. It gave Kendra a chance to get out of the house and she’s always up for an idea that involves going somewhere because she feels a little tied to the house and babies schedules sometimes. After dinner we made dessert (ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate sauce). Judson and Heidi gave their 18 month old, Jaden, his own bowl, which was really just a measuring cup. I had so much fun watching him eat and happened to capture the best moment of his messy attempt. You can see he actually put the spoon in his hair! I’m not sure there was a single clean spot on his face, but it’s not easy to see how completely covered he really was from this picture:

Memorial Day morning was a typical start here at the Webb house. Layla was first to wake up with the chickens as always. Kendra wakes up from Layla crying. I wake up from Kendra getting out of bed and hearing her say, “good moooooorrrrnig!” through the baby monitor. And last but not least, I go and wake up Easton who sleeps through everything and has to be physically picked up before he stretches and comes to life. Just writing that last sentence reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies of all times: What About Bob. Click here for the video clip if you’re bored and need a laugh: Wake up, BOB!

Maybe we should have named our baby boy “Bob” instead of Easton? This brings up another new thing in the Webb house. We’ve decided to consolidate the nicknames for Easton because it is probably confusing the heck out of him for us to use so many different names: Easton, E.T., buddy, chunky monkey 2 (Layla is 1), chunkers, big boy, little boy, big man, little man, and monkers. The last one is a weird combination of monkey and chunker, so that’s what we call him now… Monkers. Not sure how “cool” that’s going to be when he’s 18 and his girlfriend introduces him to her father: “Hey dad, this is my new boyfriend, Monkers!” That’s just creepy… but then again, my nickname was Porky (yeah, go figure?) and I don’t really go by that name so we’ll see how it goes for him.

Since the birth of Easton and Layla I've tried to capture realty of "life with twins", but tend to take pictures of happy times and exciting fun things. My sister pointed out that it is also good to capture the low points and sad, crying faces as well because that's a part of life and an important aspect of babies to remember. It's not often Easton is upset, but I took this particular moment to capture him on the verge of tears waiting for mommy to provide dinner for him. Isn't this the saddest face you've ever seen?:

Kendra didn’t feel well today since she has a cough, congestion, runny nose... Oh, never mind, just watch the Nyquil commercial and that list is what she is dealing with. She was excited to go to bed early tonight when I offered to stay up and take care of the 10:00 PM feeding for Layla and Easton. It’s the least I can do considering how much she’s been sleep deprived and how much she puts into taking care of the house and the twins every day. Everyone is well fed and asleep tonight finally so it’s time for me to do the same: Eat a PBJ sandwich and hit the bed. :)

With my thoughts squarely focused on Easton and wondering what his life will bring, I'll close the blog with a quote to encourage myself and other to be sure of what "tools" I'm equipping him with because he's certain to use them:

Give a small boy a hammer and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding. -- Abraham Kaplan

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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Congratulations on getting the jogger. Now you can really go, girl!! Mom W.