Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday parties

Good morning friends and family,

Sunday afternoon was spent at Riley's birthday party. She is the 3-year old daughter of my best friend, Judson. Even though we've attended both of their kid's birthday parties every year it was definitely different to be one of the many couples there with babies of our own. I think the kids outnumbered the adults at this year's party! We all had a fun time with the piƱata, tasty cake and catching up with folks we haven't seen in a while. Easton and Layla were well behaved and looked adorable. It was their debut as far as parties and seeing our old friends goes. Easton smiled the entire time we were there and everyone that walked past smiled back with comments of how cute our babies are.

Here's one picture I didn't have the chance to post yet from last week. It is one thing for Layla to catch daddy's eye with her ear-to-ear smile, but it's another to have him by the chin!

Anyway, the twins soaked up every spare second of my weekend and I was glad to spend the time holding and playing with them for my enjoyment as well as Kendra’s sanity. When I lay Easton in his bed for nap time it is SO hard to just leave him there to fall asleep when he turns on his side looking up at me with his open-mouth smile. It’s almost as if he’s trying to say, “play with ME! Stay with ME!”

I hear people say we should enjoy the twins when they are this age and size because they will never be that way again. I really DO get it and understand what they mean. There are some things people describe from their own experiences that you can never fully understand until you are in that situation such as the birth of your child, getting married, graduating from school, grieving over the death of a loved one, etc. However, in this aspect of life I honestly know what people are feeling when they talk about “cherishing the moments when they’re young because they don’t stay that small very long”. My desire to avoid feeling regretful like so many others is what drives me to take so many pictures; to write this blog every day; to spend entire evenings switching between holding Easton and holding Layla. I know I’ll look back at this era of the Webb house and be glad I spent the extra time and captured our family in pictures and lived in the moments as they whizzed by at warp speed.

People ask, “How was your day?” I give the standard meaningless gesture answer of: “fine thanks!” In reality the BEST part of my entire day was sitting on the couch with Easton on my lap as he giggled at my silly face and Layla on my lap as she sang a few measures of an off-tune duet with me. I could do that all day long and be satisfied. I’m sure Kendra is saying, “Ha! Yeah, right… try it sometime and we’ll see how you feel about it.” :)

Here are two pictures where Kendra has a more somber look. It’s very rare to see her without a smile and even more rare to catch a photo of her like that, but as you can tell I woke her up from a nap in the picture with Layla and she was ready to fall over into bed for the night in the picture with Easton.

Speaking of rare: Look over there! Through the jungle, past the parrot and the giraffe… It’s Layla holding herself up like a big girl! We’ve never seen her performing like that before.

She is very strong and loves to be sitting up as much as possible so she can see and be seen. She doesn’t want to miss any of the action going on around her and wants to be involved in everything possible. Hmmmm... sounds a lot like someone else I know? (kendra)

I better get to sleep now so I can wake up early enough for Kendra to go for her morning run before it gets so hot that her shoes melt to the pavement in the Arizona heat. By the way, I've been working on the Dr. Suess challenge and it's more difficult to write like that than I thought! Green eggs and ham is a masterpiece...

Good night.

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