Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Already talking back at 12 weeks old!

Hello, Hello,

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, which is traditionally a day to party and have fun. So what did the Webb house do for festivities??? I popped a straw in my fruit punch Caprisun, Kendra had water, and the twins had milk. We toasted and then went to Costco. Yep, that's the highlight of the day... Costco. :) I'm not going to lie... I do miss getting together with friends and hanging out by the pool, grilling hotdogs for the big celebrations like Cinco de Mayo, but times change and you gotta move through the stages of life. I wouldn't trade Layla and Easton for the best holiday party ever imagined, so don't get the idea I'm unhappy. There are just moments (very few) now and then where I wish I could have the best of both worlds: The fun and responsibilities of my babies along with the chance to go out with Kendra and have big get-togethers like when we were dating. Not like I have a choice, but if I did it would be very easy to choose time with the 4 Webbs...

Anyway, we also spent time searching for a double jogger, which is growing more mysterious every day. The illusive double jogger should be on the endangered list like the Bald Eagle. When we finally find one, I'm going to dedicate an entire post to HOW to find the right baby jogger and where to go and what to look for because Kendra and I will be experts. Maybe I can get Oprah to have us on the show and tell people with twins about our findings??? Hey, Jon and Kate Plus Eight got onto Oprah and all they did was have 8 kids!

I don't think i've had the chance to post one of the FIRST pictures of Layla and Easton. I think this was one of the first where we knew they were a boy and girl! It's amazing how they developed so much from this picture into the little people they are now:

As we were getting ready to go out the door, I put Easton into his car seat and he was extra happy and chatty. Usually as soon as I hold the camera up to take a picture or movie, they quit whatever they were doing that was so cute and freeze with that "deer-in-headlights" look. Here's a video clip of Easton and I conversing, which I consider "talking back":

It's cool for them to respond to us. Sometimes I walk into the room and slowly get closer to them without saying a word to see when they recognize me and my goofy grin. He's so good at sticking his tongue out and usually sounds like the Tasmanian Devil when he tries to make noises. He just needs pointy teeth and more hair.... Hopefully he'll say daddy as his first word! My next post will be all about Layla, so don't get your torches out just yet for this being an Easton-centric post.

I better get back to work... catch you later!

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