Monday, May 12, 2008

Joanie's blog entry

After 4 days of being here in the Webb house, I can honestly say that I am truly amazed....Amazed that 2 such adorable creations are so well adjusted to this new world. Amazed that 2 parents are balancing life and responsibilities together. Amazed that their home isn't the crazy"Babylandia" that I expected. I came to Phoenix expecting to simply help, clean, cook, and change diapers until exhaustion set in... Instead, it's been a vacation too!

This home is a well-oiled machine right now. This machine is running fast, however, and everyone is doing overtime! Our days started with Kendra making a delicious breakfast for us...waffles, crepes, yum! Then she quickly hit the road for a run, just as the twins laid down to rest for their first nap of the day. By the time they awoke, she was ready for whatever the day held. We had a great time exploring a bit of Phoenix, eating at great restaurants and Bronson let me tag along in his fun active life. He stretched me to do more activity than normal, with hiking in South Mountain, biking across big intersections and swimming in the chilly pool. I didn't go to Tae Kwan Do class with him, but I learned a lot about it and he gave us a mini-version of his yellow belt tricks. He also gave us a big treat, watching both the babies while Kendra and I got manis and pedis together.

It was busy around here, but Kendra was committed to keeping the twins' day organized and in synch. She was constantly aware of the activities they needed (songs, books, love, feeding--and lots of this!-- playtime, alone time). She and Bronson tossed questions back and forth, figuring out the game plan, like two coaches organizing the plays for a championship game.

The can I describe them?
Layla is such a singer! She intently gazes into your eyes and belts out the biggest songs! Her eyebrows wrinkle up as she concentrates to produce the sounds. Determined to get moving, she strongly wiggles on the play mat for "tummy time", lifting her head and arching her back. I was lucky enough to be here when she rolled over on the play mat for the first time! After missing her the first 12 weeks, it meant so much to be with her for one of her “firsts”. When holding her in front of you, she stretches out her legs, reaching to find your lap and pushing to stand. Happy to show what she can do, her biggest smiles happen when you notice her movements and her lovely songs. Her face turns quickly when she hears her daddy’s voice and you can tell that she has already won his heart.

(**Here we are with my cousin, Ginger Barrett, who lives in Maricopa with her husband, Josh. They are pastors of the Church of Celebration and have 2 boys and a baby girl on they way.)

And Easton, this little boy draws others in, with his broad smile and warm expressions. He makes you happy to just be with him--and every care in the world can be wiped away, just hearing his little chuckle and seeing his toothless grin. He is so amicable and he accepts attention without demanding it. He seems genuinely happy that you took time to smile at him. Most children of this age react to your smile. Easton initiates it. One time I caught him looking at Bronson, smiling up at him, just waiting for him to turn to notice him. Easton loves a hearty tickling and his face and smile just get wider. I think he has grown in the 4 days I’ve been here and he has yet one more chin from all the sufficient feedings that Kendra diligently gives.

I wouldn't trade these last few days for a vacation anywhere in the world. It has meant the world to me to see my little brother babbling with two babies, to see his wife caring for all 3 of them, with such hospitality and grace and to see their peaceful home, with everyone doing their best to help. It is exactly what the word "FAMILY" means.

At the babies’ dedication, their pastor annointed the head, hands, and feet of the twins. He prayed that they would have the minds of Christ, that their hands would do works for the kingdom, and that their feet would follow after the Lord. It was a beautiful moment to see Bronson and Kendra with their babies and to know that God’s blessing will follow this commitment and prayer. This occasion, coupled with Mother’s Day, made me miss my own babies, remembering how special it is to hold such a precious gift from God in your arms.

As I leave Phoenix tomorrow, my heart is filled with joy from being in this home. I hope each of you have a chance to experience some of this too… To watch a “first” with the twins, to gobble up some of Kendra’s delicious cooking, and to try to keep up with Bronson’s vigorous activities in the hills and roads of Phoenix. As I sign off, I want to thank each one of you for the support and generosity for them, knowing that each one of us give a special piece of love for these twins as they grow.

ps--Bronson posts pictures of Kendra all the time. I happened to catch a great shot of him after he grabbed a lizard that their cat, Sugar, dragged in the house. Bronson put on Kendra's wedge heels and tossed the lizard outside. This is after the big traumatic lizard moment: (look head to toe!!)

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