Sunday, May 18, 2008

What women want

Dancing and laughing! That's what women want... At least, that's what MY wife wants. Ever heard a woman turn down an opportunity like that? I haven't. As proof of my point, for our first night away from the twins (longer than 2 hours) we did what Kendra wanted for her birthday celebration: Swing dancing at The Kat’s Korner and having a fun evening out.

Her actual birthday is coming up in two weeks, but we decided to celebrate early because the place we go will not be open that weekend. Our friends Marisue and Scott joined us and we all had a great evening together. They were adventurous enough to actually show up and try something new!

We hadn’t been swing dancing in more than a year, but it didn’t take long for us to get back into the… ummm… “swing of things”. There is an hour of lessons and then the dance floor is open with lots of 40’s and 50’s music. I know exactly two moves and we both grew tired of my inability to improvise after about an hour of spinning around the floor. On the way home we stopped by Sonic to get a cherry-limeade because we were dehydrated from all that dancing!

Our neighbors Marsha and Erica were extremely kind to watch Easton and Layla for the evening. We both were very comfortable leaving the twins in their capable hands and that made for a low-stress evening as opposed to Kendra worrying and asking me every 5 minutes, “Do you think the twins are alright?” Easton was awestruck by Erica and provided lots of smiles through the night for them.

This morning the first alarm clock known as Layla Rae went off a bit early so I got out of bed and hit the snooze button (repositioning the pacifier back into her mouth). She fell right back to sleep, but I couldn’t. The sun was just starting to provide some hits of light in the room I thought it would be a perfect morning to go for a mountain bike ride. It was sunny and 68 degrees at 5:45 AM!

I plugged in my iPod and wore my lungs and legs out while jamming to DJ Tiesto spinning my favorite sets known as “In Search of Sunrise”. How’s that for creative thinking! I was spinning on my bike into the sunrise... and listening to DJ Tiesto spinning records titled “In Search of Sunrise”… Get it???

In the last 24 hours I spent 2 hours kicking and sweating in TaeKwonDo, 2 hours swing dancing, and 2 hours mountain biking. The weekends really wear me out! (begin sarcasm) I can’t wait for the work week so I can spend 40 hours sitting around in my chair, talking on the phone (end sarcasm). Maybe I’m just working out extra hard because I’m afraid that Easton’s legs will be thicker than mine before he gets into first grade?

The only sad part of the weekend has been Easton’s high temperature. He’s feeling fine and happy as ever, but is just a little warm for the past couple of days. We’ll hope for the best and expect he’ll be fine by tomorrow. I have to include this picture of Layla because hopefully you can agree that she’s the cutest baby girl in the world with her big, bright eyes and chubby little cheeks. Thanks for the rattle, Joanie! She holds on to it easily and it is her favorite…

Bye bye folks and have a great start to your work week on Monday.

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