Friday, May 9, 2008

Aunt Joanie's in the house

After another successful night's sleep we had a full day of running errands and cleaning and doing our best to keep the twins on their schedule. They BOTH took a two hour nap and I know that doesn't sounds like an event worthy of the 10 'o clock news, but it really is a big milestone at the Webb house to have a full two hours in the middle of the day where Layla and Easton are both sleeping peacefully.

We also bid a fond farewell to Kendra's water cooler dispenser that provided purified water for her since we were married. It died so we bought a new one from Lowes. She survived the two-day gap in water service by buying a case of bottled water. Whew, that was a close one... she almost had to drink.... {queue the Frankenstein music} TAP WATER! EEEEEEK! I'm just teasing her. She likes purfied water and I can't say that I blame her because our tap water is tastes like it was filtered through an old pair of socks.

We had the chance to talk with Oma and Opa as usual through Skype and it's always fun to see and talk with them. It's good to get all six of us talking to and seeing each other at the same time. Nana and Papa? log into skype! we miss you! :)

Anyway, we've been looking forward to Joanie's visit for months, then weeks, then days, and it's finally here {standing ovation and cheers}. Joanie and I drove straight from the airport to In-n-Out burger because we were hungry and Joanie misses their burgers from when she lived in California.

I snapped a quick picture of everyone when Joanie first walked in the door to greet them for the first time. I could tell she was truly excited to see them because she left her warm In-N-Out fries on the table to sit down and hold little Layla. That is HUGE will power if you ask me... I sat down with my fries and only stopped eating them to breathe and say, "uh huh" once in a while to stay in the conversations.

We all took a walk through our neighborhood to get Joanie's legs moving after driving and flying all day. It was typical, awesome spring weather here in AZ with clear skies and warm temps. At 9:00 PM I was perfectly comfortable in my flip flops, short pants, and T-shirt.

Now that the babies are asleep and we have the whole weekend to look forward to, I'm sure we'll have TONS of pictures over the next few days. Most of my favorite photos of me were taken by Joanie so I'm sure her photographic eye will be a welcomed change to my point-n-shoot mentality.

Later folks!

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