Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memo's visit

Happy Memorial Day everyone,
We had a fun filled weekend so far and I’m looking forward to spending Monday hanging out with the family. I didn’t find anyone to go mountain biking with me in the morning so I may just sleep in and skip it this week. Oh wait… I have the dual alarm clocks that faithfully wake us up with the roosters! Maybe I’ll have some coffee to jolt me awake so I can get out and ride.

My good friend Guillermo (memo) from Costa Rica came through town for a one-night lay over during his travels for work and it was great to see him. We have an extraordinary amount of things common and have been friends for 9 years. This was the first time for him to see the twins and I took the opportunity to take a few pictures. I’d say he was a “natural” at holding a baby. He did a great job of holding both, but it is very UNnatural for almost anyone to hold two babies at the same time. It’s harder than you think to keep their wobbly bodies and bobble heads coordinated. Our goal is for Kendra and I to go visit Memo in Costa Rica next summer as a vacation while Kendra’s parents are here visiting, but we’ll see if that materializes or not. I call him my, “brother from another mother” and here he is with Layla and Easton:

You know how I refer to the “deer in headlights” look that the twins get when the camera is placed in front of them to take a picture? Well, yesterday they were both playing on the mat and making all kinds of faces and noises. It was a moment I wanted to capture on video, but as SOON as I turned the camera on them, they fell completely silent and stared blankly into the lens. I decided to go ahead and take the picture, which turned out to be a really good one. They look so interested and amazed that it is comical.

Kendra’s friend Sara came over this afternoon and she is 6 months along now with her own pregnancy. She’s expecting a daughter of her own and I’m glad they are able to share the “journey to motherhood” together. It’s always good to have her around… Sadly enough I didn’t get a picture of her little pregnant bump with her and Kendra together, but maybe she’ll send me one.

During our shopping errands yesterday I was reminded of how funny it is to be a part of the “twins club”. It’s similar to owning a motorcycle where simply riding one gives you the right and responsibility to wave and talk to every other motorcycle rider on the road. I almost feel like hugging every couple I see who also has twins. I see the double stroller and immediately think, “Hey those people know what it’s like to have twins!” There’s no secret handshake, but certainly a sense of belonging and friendship. I wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable talking to some stranger about their kids running around, but I have radar that picks up on parents who have twins and they’re always willing to give an encouraging word and agree with us when we say how great it is to have twins.

We’re planning to spend the Memorial Day afternoon with our friends so I’m sure there will be some good pictures to post here tomorrow. Good night!

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