Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The soap man cometh

Hello everyone,

Today I came home from work and had my usual excited salutation towards the babies and Kendra. The welcome party greeted me with kisses and hugs. I also heard line after line of gibberish, which was probably their way of telling me about the day. I'd like to record those moments so in a few years Easton and Layla can explain what in the world they were talking about. OK, maybe it doesn't work that way, but what if it did!

Anyway, my adorable baby boy was preparing for bed acting sweet and precious.

However, I then looked at my lovely Layla and noticed not one, but TWO sets of bite marks on her arm from Easton expressing his displeasure. We've tried everything recommended to no avail. everything except (queue the frightening music...) soap.

I refuse to directly admit to resorting to soap in the mouth as the only trick left in our bag. I don't want the child protection services knocking on my door... However, I will say, "The soap man cometh!" The time for action has arrived and tomorrow marks a new Dawn in the Webb house (pun intended). I will stock each room and bag and stroller and pocket with a bar of soap. I'm even thinking about wearing an old western gun holster and putting soap in there just so I can be ready-on-the-draw at a moments notice. It's no longer a matter of IF the biter boy will strike... It's a matter of WHEN. And when he does, rest assured we know how to discipline with love. One of Easton's favorite words is, "bubbles". I hope this doesn't deter his infatuation with bubbles as a form of entertainment.

There are certainly more important things going on in the world and more difficult situations families are working through. However, we are doing our very best to bring up well-mannered, considerate, polite children... and that means no biting.

We haven't had many opportunities to take pictures of the last few days. Kendra was thoughtful enough to take the kids all day while I worked and then all evening while I trained at the martial arts school. BUT, tomorrow night is daddy's night to take care of the twins and give mommy a break. Maybe she'll go see the new Transformers movie for fun...

Bye bye.


Dustin said...

You gotta do, what you gotta do...but it's good to have the facts...


Dustin said...

FYI...A friend of mine told me that they had the same problem, and they would put one drop of tabasco sauce on the kid's tongue after they bit someone...they only had to do it twice...might be worth a shot...good luck either way!

Kyla said...

What will you do if the soap trick doesn't work? Is a 17 month old capable of understanding the meaning behind the punishment? If he is, then wouldn't he just benefit from a time out instead? If you're intent on this type of punishment, maybe try something like tabasco. At least that is meant to be ingested, where as soap and the chemicals and detergents within it are not.