Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi folks,

Welcome back to the 4 Webb's web log (the word "blog" originated from shortening "web log" in case you didn't know).

Monday night we invited our new friends Nick and Marianne over for dinner. They just arrived in town a couple of weeks ago and we had a great time getting to know them. Nick is studying to pass the Arizona BAR exam and Marianne is taking care of their baby boy, Aaron. They have a blog also! I'll add their link in our list of related blogs.

Easton and Layla discovered how comfortable the couch is compared to the hard tile floor.

They get up and down at will, but we are not sure how to keep them from jumping up and down or getting too close to the edge. The whole area of discipline is really tough to navigate this early. Babies don't DO anything wrong because they can't move or talk. Older kids understand right and wrong, yes and no, commands etc. However, toddlers are old enough to get in trouble, but not old enough to understand the concept of discipline, punishment, or correction. For example, throwing a plastic ball is ok, but throwing spaghetti is NOT ok. How do you explain that to a 16 month old?

Layla came up with a new trick out of nowhere yesterday. She always walks and runs on her tippy toes and has good balance so I suppose it was only a matter of time before she figured out how to “hop”. The humorous part is she says “hop” every time she does it.

WFMW (Works For Me Wednesday)
Since this is Wednesday I’ll throw out my usual hint or tip for those who are new to parenthood. Somewhere along the way Kendra heard or read how to get your babies used to being under water. Supposedly, when you’re rinsing the baby’s hair in the bathtub, you should say, “Eyes wet!” This does NOT work. We took the twins in the pool and hypothetically we should be able to say, “Eyes wet!” and dunk them under the water to get used to swimming.

What we discovered is every time we say, “eyes wet” in the bathtub (and now in the pool) they open their mouth really wide and gasp in a deep breath of air. This isn’t conducive to dunking them in the pool because saying the magic words has the opposite response of what we need. Teaching babies in the pool is a complicated thing, I know. I don’t expect a one liner comment to the post will suffice, but I’m open to hear your thoughts! Maybe this section should be labeled, “Doesn’t Work For Me Wednesday”. You get the idea though.

Here's a picture from way back when.

This is one of my all time favorites for several reasons. Here are a few:

- Kendra looks refreshed and happy and beautiful. She doesn't look completely exhausted like the other 500 pictures from when they were keeping her up all night every night for months.
- Layla and Easton are sooooo tiny! I just can't believe they were ever that small when I see them now.
- Layla and Easton are peacefully sleeping. I rarely get to see this now because they go 100mph until we put them in the crib and close the door as we say goodnight. The next time I see them they are bouncing up and down in their crib the next morning waiting to get a cracker.

See you soon!

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Dustin said...

That was a great video of her hopping...she looked so surprised when she was doing it.

We have heard that right before you dunk the babies, you're supposed to blow in their faces...this causes them to close their eyes and hold their breaths. We've tried it in the pool and it works.

Good luck!