Saturday, June 27, 2009

strummin' and truckin'

Welcome to the weekend, people.

That greeting excludes those of you who are on retired and living every day as Saturday! Only another 34 years and I'll be retired too!

Back to modern day life with twins... The 4 Webbs are happy and healthy for the most part. Layla entered the infamous "no" stage where she says, "no, No, NO!" even when she really means, "yes, I want a cracker". I have no idea what that is about, but she sure makes it hard for daddy to keep a straight face. I want to laugh when she reacts like that, but hate to encourage her. Layla figured out how to put a hat on her own head. Everything she can conceivably put on her head now becomes a hat.

The plastic turtle dome? Why not.

Easton's spiderman ball cap? You bet.

Yesterday when I needed to kill some time while watching the twins I decided to pull out my guitar and give it a try. They took turns sharing the pick and would strum away while I held the chord.

We've been playing music for them ever since they were tadpoles in Kendra's belly so I thought maybe they would really be interested. Unfortunately it held their attention less than a lid from a Gatorade bottle. Oh well, i'll keep trying. I also learned they are about as good at playing the guitar as I am. We all have a long ways to go before getting on stage.

Here are two great pictures of Easton. These are among the top 10 of this year for me because it shows him having fun doing what he enjoys most (sliding down into a pile of plastic balls). Also he's looking right at the camera, which doesn't happen nearly as often as it does with Layla the photo ham.

Do you see how these two pictures are similar?

Yes, they are both of him sliding down the slide, but you might also notice he is hanging on to his cup! Easton gets very frustrated when Layla takes his cup so he hangs on for dear life... He also found the joy of hauling things in a truck. He's on his way to being a man's man even though the "cargo" is his NuNu. He pushes it around the house and makes the "vroom, vroom" noise so I'm excited he's able to put those concepts together.

Keep on truckin! See you soon.

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